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is ADHD a mental illness?

is ADHD classed as a mental illness or disability? and you should you have a classroom helper if you suffer from it?


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    ADHD is classified as a mental disorder. It can be classified as a learning disability if it substantially limits your academic performance. You may be eligible for services under the IDEA 504. Usually, services included in a 504 Plan involve accommodations in the classroom — like extra time to complete assignments. But the plan may also include the use of assistive technology, such as computer-aided instruction, or access to therapy. There are no legal requirements about what a 504 Plan should include, and the school isn’t required to involve parents in developing it (although many schools do). I would look into title 504 and see what the school district can do to help.

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    i think its just considered a minor learning disability.

    Oh and i have it so i would know =)

    I don't need a classroom helper. I actually learn things FASTER cuz my brain works really fast. I read super fast, write fast, talk fast, and usually absorb the subject fast. My main problem is with stuff like math or some science classes like chemistry where you really have to focus, i tend to drift off into the most random things.

    All you have to do mostly is make sure your organized. Write your assignments down in an agenda every day. Do your homework in the same time and place everyday. Also, its a PROVEN fact that smelling peppermint helps you focus, so i just usually pop a tic tac in my mouth before each class.

    Also, its another proven fact that on average, people with adhd have higher IQ's. I took a certified IQ test and mine was 120 =). So even though sometimes school can be a struggle, i know that i'm really smart.

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    It sure is. ADHD is listed in the DSM- the book doctors consult to help them diagnose people with mental problems. ADHD is not a learning disability, btw. It's considered by health professionals to be a mental health disorder.

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    I have ADHD and it is considered a mental illness and severity differs on a case basis. I have considered it more of a learning disability then a mental illness. Hope this helps

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    I think the latest research or understanding suggests that ADD is a development disorder.

    "For over 100 years, ADHD has been seen as essentially a behavior disorder. Recent scientific research has developed a new paradigm which recognizes ADHD as a developmental disorder of the cognitive management system of the brain, its executive functions. "

    I think this is from the cover of Thomas E. Brown's book ' A New Understanding of ADHD in Children & Adults'.

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    If you are you need to be diagnosed by a doctor first. then he will put you on medication, which will help you to concentrate better, feel better, and act better. you will just feel better all the way around. More than likely you won't need as much help in school once you get on medication b/c you will be able to think better. And adhd is a mental illness but don't feel badly about it. so is depression and many people are depressed.

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