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What should I say when my dad threatens me?

Whenever we are arguing my dad always threatens to hit me or spank me if I don't stop mouthing off. And I don't feel like I'm mouthing off, I'm just responding to him, but when he threatens me, I feel like I can't even speak or else I'll get hurt. He spanked me one time when I was really young, like 10 or 11 years old. Now I am 16 and I am still afraid that he will do it or maybe even worse.

I want to tell him that it isn't fair of him to threaten me like that so I will shut up. How should I tell him without upsetting him?

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    Maybe you have an attiutde in your tone and dont realize it.

    not sure. When my daughter gets an attitude with me, i tell her if she talks to me like that again, i will bust her butt.

    That pretty much nips it in the bud. so, maybe he doesnt really want to spank you, but he knows that is a way to get you to stop mouthing off.

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    First of all THINK about what you are saying and HOW you are saying it....Is it Disrespectful your Tone Rude SOUNDING? YOU may not THINK what you are saying is mouthing off...but your TONE says it all...Speak to your Father with a Respectful tone to your voice and I guarantee you will see a big difference in his response to kids have learned to speak to me with return I LISTEN to them and Give them Respect. Try It!

    Source(s): My Kids. 13,14 and 17 ETA....Please IGNORE JustAgrrl...she's the type that will get you INTO trouble...NOT OUT of it. Silly Child.
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    Okay, you're 16. You may not think you're mouthing off, but you probably are.

    Source(s): I was 16 once.
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    Tell him you'll call the cops on him. That will fix him up real quick.

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    Maybe his threatening you is teaching you to hold your tongue.

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