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How Do I Download Windows Live Messenger For Vista?

So I Have Vista ( home basic) and i want to download the vista messenger (O yeah)

hum.... Don't till me to buy the thing cuz i cant plz help a women in need :D.

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    You can download Windows Live Messenger from the link below but I think what you want (in the images) are skins.

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    acquire from the internet website below. If it keeps to crash, contact your administrator, when you're the administrator, you may want to attempt some issues. a million- at the same time as that's downloading and installation do not do something else, so it doesnt develop into to busy and crash 2- delete your non everlasting internet document sbefore downloading, this suggests it truly is going to commence the downlaod from scratch, no longer whats already there that can be undesirable archives. equipment > internet recommendations > delete > delete all. 3- do no longer acquire mroe than one element without delay. desire this facilitates bye (:

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    go to this website :

    to download the latest windows live messenger

    you should have a hotmail id to get the messenger

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    go to and download it for free. I have never paid for messenger and neither should you.

    Happy chatting hun.

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