Where can I find tasteful advice on changing my wife's adult diaper? She's bed-ridden and paralyzed on right.?

My wife suffered a stroke, is paralyzed on her right side and therefore can't provide much help. At the hospital, the nurse's aides always shooed me out of the room when she needed changing. Now that she's home, I mainly need help in how to position the clean diaper underneath her buttocks.

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    You are so kind...I think that you are a great husband and when you look at this site and people are complaining about thier lives...

    We forget that there are people out there that have so little but appreciate life so much more! Thanks for being an inspiration to me today, I really needed it!

    With regards to your question:

    Make sure you have all of your supplies within arms reach. There is nothing worse than being unprepared, especially for a task like this one.

    2. Get the person lying in the bed, on a changing table, or on the floor. Whatever is comfortable for you. (If the person is full sized and unable to walk or get up from the floor on his own, then the bed or changing table--if you have one--is the best way to go. However, if the person suffers mental retardation and is capable of getting up fluidly and is physically fine, or the person is smaller in stature, then the floor is fine to use. There is nothing more back breaking than having to pick a full sized person from off the floor when he can't walk or support himself.)

    3. Remove the person's pants completely not just pulling it down to the ankles. Make sure all clothing is out of the way as well as all blankets if you are using the bed. You don't want anything to get on them causing you to work harder by doing more laundry.

    4. Undo the tapes of the diaper and pull it back. Don't take it out from under the person since it could be useful for collecting waste during the change if the one you are changing should have an accident.

    5. Take your forearm and put it behind the knees pushing them almost to the chest. This will raise them up allowing you to clean them more affectively.

    6. Wipe them from front to back. This is especially crucial for girls. And, don't quit until they are completely clean. Put the wipes into the older diaper that is beneath them as you wipe.

    7. Fold up the old diaper and put it in the trash can next to you using one hand as you keep them held up behind the knees with your forearm. If you feel you need two hands to fold up the diaper, take it out from under them, let them lay on the towel, fold up the diaper, and put it in the trash.

    8. Now, lift them up by putting your forearm behind the knees again and put the clean diaper under them. The part of the diaper with the tapes should be in back. Make sure the back of the diaper goes above their talebone a couple of inches..

    9. Let them down to lay on the diaper. It is now that you can apply the baby powder and cream to them.

    10. Pull the diaper up between their legs and fasten the tapes on each side. Make sure the diaper is snug and comfortable.

    11. Put back on the clothing you removed.

    Now, there you have it. You have accomplished the task

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    Adult Diaper Changing Table

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    I would definitely ask for some home care support - the nurses should have shown you this before she came home.

    I'm sorry I don't have experience to offer specific advice, but just wanted to echo everyone's else's comments about what a great husband you are.

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    Ive worked as a care giver in and out of many hospitals and organizations and this is the best and i will stand by this but this is a very easy wa regardless of her size. First id like to say you have your work cut out for you and im so sad to hear stuff like this but its hearwarming to see you are concerned enough. OK first take you wife and roll her ALL THE WAY onto either side soshe is completely side ways as much of her booty as possible exposed to you. this is a good time give her a good washing. Next unfasten her pad and start to roll it inwards towards her back rolling it longways getting it as much under her hip that she is lying on so the clean bedding is exposed beneath her. Then take a clean pad and lay it on the bed exactly in the position of the one you just removed and follow the old one out. Youll need to make sure you have it UNDER THE OLD ONE . So when you roll out the old one the new one rolls in. Then go to the other side of the bed and roll your wife OVER onto her other side rolling over the dirty pad onto the clean one then pull out the dirty one and youll have her on a clean pad. Remember to alot a little bid of pad to push up under her dirty one so the pad will line up under her perfect. Good luck and persevere in her care remember its alot of hard work but ive seen many folks make almost complete recoverys if the work ard at it > GOD BLESS and i hope my man is there for me if it happens to me

    Source(s): ive been in the careiving /nursing business for 22years. I have been care giver to many people with differant types and degress of parallysis. Ive nursed quadrapalegics parapallegics as well as stroke victims. I have ran th med surg nursing station working close with the doctors and nurses. I have worked in the home as well. Most of all i have taken the time to eduacate myself as much as possible on the illnesses i was working with.
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    Sorry dear,she is lucky to have you ,en may God give you strength.

    see a nurse en she can explain a easier way ,but by turning her in the side can help/

    Sorry i fel for you

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    Sweet Vixen has it right. God Bless. I hope your wife gets better soon. There is always hope and yes, your concern for your wife brought tears to my eyes.

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    I dont have any suggestions im sorry. Just wanted to say you are a good husband. and the world needs more people like you.

    take care

    and god bless

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    im sorry to hear that.. it is very sad i hope this helps...


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