my love is true..why dont my parents n others understand us?

i love a guy sincerely for abt 4 years,am nothing without his love,his love is more than mine, i cant leave him at any cost. we hav been loving frm my school days he is my soul mate n evrythng in my life. he is muslim and am hindhu. by last year my parents came to know abt our love n went to his home , made problems harassed himn he was on bed for 2 weeks and my dad threatened me tat we both should quit..if not they 'll kill me. Wat the hell ? cant love a guy sincerely, i havent thought abt any others except him. my parents r very arrogant, i cant take it anymore , restricting me in everything , cant even talk to him, see him.. feel very depressed ,hate to live!:-( lover is very stubborn..he has undergone many problems because of me even then he loves me a lot , he is following me n he needs my love..i dont know wat to do ? am sure if my parents knows tat again ive started to talk to him, am dead......wat to do? my love or family! frnds pls suggest me, i dont hav words to tell my sorrows...pls tell me wat to do?


am 20 years old n he is 21...

Update 2:

also the day my parent came to abt my love they harrased me ...i didnt attend college for more than a week... am mentally unstable to decide anything.. because lots of pain in this heart.........

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    Please for the sake of guy, leave him. Many muslim boys are killed in India because hindu girls loved them.

    Otherwise run away to some other country.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't' know your age so it is hard for me to give you any suggestions but if you are under 18 and in America sad to say there is not much that it sounds like you can do... I worry about your safety. Maybe you could speak to a school counselor about it.

    If you are over 18 then move out and move out of town where you can be with your lover. You will miss your family but if your dad is threatening to kill you ~ he will probably never be understanding of your love. If your family really loves you they would be accepting of your life partners regardless of their sex.

    Good luck.

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    hi friend your problem is realy thinkable i segest that if your love is true first you waite for gud time because time is the solution for all the problems. if you take any step in this stage you can lost your carier & it conot comes back. so just waite upto complete your stedyes after that you can ruaway from them and get maried now just show your parents that you are already forget him & control yourself for sometimes for your feture so best of luck for your love have a nice day

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    A) Tell us where you live.

    B)Tell us how old you are.

    These two thing will have a drastic effect on what turns out to be the best course of action for you.

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    Go with love if your family can not take you for who you are... Then they don't have to be around atleast you know that by the end of the day you will have your loved one. :) Good luck.

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    I would go with you boyfriend. you family needs to except who you are and deal with it on there on time. if you have found the person you want to be with they need to understand its nothing they can do about that. just be yourself they either love it or hate it and if they hate it then the hell with them do what makes you happy.

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    well i wouldnt leave your mom and dad cuz they love you but i would sit down with him and talk to him about and its up to because at the end of the day your the one that gots to live with the choice you made none of us do what your heart tells you.....

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    can parents kill their child? i believe no one can. look for the reason. if they are unreasonable, then chose your love. The Lord said that we should honor our parents, but honoring does not necessarily mean following unreasonable advice. chose your happiness and they will understand in the end

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    1 decade ago

    are you two both gay?


    are your parents just mad about his beliefs?

    you should just face the fact that they might never understand

    if he threatened you, you should report it

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