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  • 1 decade ago
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    A: Hey, What's up!

    B: What's up~!

    A: So...did u go to Jane's party last weekend?

    B: No, I didn't.

    A: Oh, really!? How come!? I remember that you told me you would.

    B: Yeah...I know...but something came up, so...

    A: Do you mind if I ask you what happened?

    B: Actually, I figured out my girlfriend was cheating on me...

    A: Wow, man...I feel bad for you. Cheer up, you are too good for her


    B: *sigh~* I don't know...maybe you are right...but it still...

    A: Yeah...I think I know how you feel...Anyway, Cheer up! I will call

    you after, I still have a class.

    B: ok, man...I will talk to you later, see you...

    A: See you~

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    A: Actually, I had this kind of experience like you do before...

    B: Really!?

    A: Yeah...Actually, that's howI broke up with my ex-girfriend, too.

    B: *sigh~* How come the girls today are all like this...

    2008-10-26 23:13:05 補充:

    A: Well, I guess that's depends how people think because some men do this to some

    women, too.

    B: Well, I will never be the type of man you are talking about~

    A: Don't be so sure! Men sometimes can hardly control themselves, of course, women


    2008-10-26 23:18:58 補充:

    B: What did you mean by that?

    A: Sometime, people drink too much in party...if you know what I meant...

    B: Oh, ok~ I think I get it.

    A: Especially, I figured out you also drink a lot, although you haven't got drunk once,

    yet...which is why I said "don't be so sure!"

    2008-10-26 23:24:34 補充:

    B: I see...Oh! By the way, how many classes you have today?

    A: Me? Hmm...3 classes, one for marketing, one for accounting, and one for English?

    B: English!? I thought your major is business, isn't it!?

    A: Yeah, My major is business...

    B: then why are you taking English in this semester?

    2008-10-26 23:29:46 補充:

    A: It's kind of embarrassing, I failed one graduation requirement class while I was a

    freshman, and that class is English 206.

    B: I see~ *sigh~* I think I am going to buy some drinks for tonight after my classes



    Source(s): 基本上,我在美國就是差不多這樣對話的。, 熱心助人大俠, 補充一, 補充二, 補充二, 補充四, 補充五
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