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The persistently high incidence and morbidity of HIVassociated

pneumococcal infections highlight the need for

tools for rapid and accurate diagnosis. In part, this

limitation is related to the suboptimal availability and

poor quality of sputum specimens provided to laboratories.

15 Rates of pathogen detection in CAP are only

30e50%.16e18 Musher et al. emphasized the importance of

collecting adequate sputum specimens promptly, prior to

antibiotic administration for diagnosis of pneumococcal

pneumonia,18 but such specimens are often neither sought

nor provided.15 Moreover, the decline in accessible microbiologic

facilities in developed countries and the dearth of

microbiological laboratories in much of the developing

world, where the burden of HIV disease predominates,

highlights the need for rapid diagnostic tests for S. pneumoniae

infection at the point of care. The inability to establish

specific etiologic diagnoses leads expert panels to recommend

broad-spectrum empiric antimicrobials for CAP.

These well-intentioned efforts likely increase cost and

facilitate the emergence of resistant organisms.

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  • 魚仔
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    1 decade ago
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    HIV伴隨的肺炎球菌的傳染堅持地高發生和病態突出需要為迅速和準確診斷的工具。 一部分,這個局限與唾沫標本的最適度一下的可及性和質量差有關提供給實驗室。

    偵查在戴帽子是僅30e50%.16e18 Musher病原生物的15率在抗藥性管理之前等強調了及時收集充分唾沫標本的重要性,為診斷肺炎球菌的肺炎, 18,提供的但是這樣標本經常沒有被尋找而且和15,衰落在容易接近的微生物學的設施在發達國家和微生物學的實驗室缺乏在許多發展中國家,愛滋病的負擔佔優勢,在關心突出對迅速診斷測試的需要為S肺炎傳染。 無能建立具體病因論診斷帶領專家小組推薦寬廣光譜實驗的抗菌劑為戴帽子。


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  • 1 decade ago

    那堅持地高影響之方式和 HIVassociated 的病態

    pneumococcal 傳染強調的需要

    為迅速又正確的診斷用工具工作。 部份地,這



    15 在無邊帽的病毒發現的比率唯一的是

    30 e 50%.16e18 走! 等人強調重要性


    抗生素行政為 pneumococc 的診斷

    有些不完整~   我已很努力了~

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