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    The Lion and the Mouse (( 獅子與老鼠 ))

    Once a great lion was sleeping in a wood. A little mouse happened to come and ran over his face. The lion awoke and caught the little mouse in anger, and was going to kill her. “ Oh, dear kind Lion!” Said the little mouse. “ Please forgive me. I didn\'t mean to do you any harm. Let me go. I shall return your kindness.’’

    “ Ha, ha, ha,’’ laughed the lion. “ How can a little thing like you help a great lion?’’ “ Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I shall be able to do you a good return some day,’’ said the little mouse. Some time after this, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. At once she ran up to the lion, and said, “ You were very kind to me once. Now I\'ll save your life, and repay you the kindness which you showed me the other day.’’ Soon she gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp teeth, and the lion was happy to be free again. “ Thank you, little Mouse!’’ said the lion, and he walked away.

    有一次一隻巨大的獅子正在森林裡睡覺.有一隻小老鼠走來不小心壓過獅子的臉.獅子很生氣醒來了而且抓住了小老鼠,而且要把他殺了!!"親愛和藹的獅子啊"小老鼠說. 請原諒我我不是故意要傷害你的.讓我走.我會報答你的仁慈的.

    哈哈哈 獅子笑道. 像你這麼小的東西怎麼幫助我這巨大的獅子呢?非常謝謝你,和藹的獅子!我希望我有天能做些好事來回報你, 小老鼠說. 過了不久後,獅子被陷阱抓住.接著小老鼠出現了.他立刻跑到獅子身旁然後說,你之前對我非常仁慈.現在該我來解救你了來報答你之前對我的仁慈.他用他的利牙咬斷了陷阱的繩子,然後獅子很高興的再次獲得自由."謝謝你小老鼠",獅子說.然後就走了.

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    還不錯 都很好ㄟ

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    City mouse and Country mouse. 城市老鼠和鄉下老鼠

    Once there were two mice living in India, 從前有兩隻老鼠住在印度,

    City mouse and Country mouse.城市老鼠和鄉下老鼠。

    City mouse was twice as big as Country mouse.城市老鼠是鄉下老鼠的兩倍大,

    He kept some lice as his pets.他養蝨子當寵物。

    Country mouse was a nice girl.鄉下老鼠是個好女孩,

    She was the vice leader of her class.她是班上的副班長。

    One day, Country mouse was invited to the city.有一天,鄉下老鼠被邀請到城市去。

    City mouse took her to a casino. 城市老鼠帶她到賭場去玩,

    Country mouse wanted some ice cream to eat.鄉下老鼠想要吃冰淇淋。

    Bice green mint was her favorite flavor. 灰綠色的薄荷是她最喜愛的口味,

    But the price was too high for her to buy.但是價錢太高她買不起。

    City mouse was good at casting dice.城市老鼠擅長躑骰子,

    He got a double sice so he won lots of pice.他擲出雙六,因此贏了很多錢。

    In a trice, he won thrice as much as he had.瞬間,他贏了三倍多。

    City mouse said,” I am rich enough to buy rice and spice.”城市老鼠說:「我夠有錢可以買米和香料了。」

    He asked,” Would you be my girl friend?” 他問到:「你願意做我女朋友嗎?」

    Country mouse replied,” We can’t get spliced.” 鄉下老鼠回答說:「我們不可能結合的。」

    “Gambling is a vice,” said Country mouse. 「賭博是一種罪惡。」鄉下老鼠說。

    She continued, “a slice of bread can fill my need.”她繼續說:「一片麵包就可以滿足我的需要了。」

    She said goodbye and then went home by herself.她說了再見然後就獨自回家。

    City mouse could only eat the ice cream by himself. 城市老鼠只能自己吃冰淇淋了

    Source(s): 網路= = 算抄襲的吧
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