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1. According to the von Neumann model, what are the differences between RAM and

hard disk? When should a program be stored in RAM and when in hard disk? (5%)

2. Which is more valuable today to an organization: hardware, software, or data? (5%)

3. Convert the decimal fraction 0.640625 to a fraction with a power of 2. (5%)

4. Convert the decimal number 7.1875 to a binary number. (5%)

5. Babylonian civilization is credited for developing the first positional numeral system,

called the Babylonian numeral system. It is a positional sexagesimal system (based

60). However, it did not have a symbol for zero and produced the other 59 sybmols

by stacking two symbols, those for one and ten. Search the Internet to express 11291

in Babylonian numerals. (5%)

6. Continuted with the above question, mention problems that might arise from not

having a symbol for 0. Find how the Babylonian numeral system addresses the

problem. (5%)

7. A gray scale picture is digitized using four different gray levels. If the picture is

composed of 100x100 pixels, how many bits are needed to represent the picture?


8. An audio signal is sampled 8000 times per second. Each sample is represented by

256 different levels. How many bits per second are needed to represent this signal?

How many Mbytes are needed to present a 5‐minute song? (10%)

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    1. Ram is faster. Store in Ram when Using.

    2. Software

    3. 0.101001

    4. 111.0011

    5. YYY,YYY,<Y



    6. spot.

    7. 20000 bits

    8. 64000 19.2Mbytes

    9. -129=0000000010000001

    one's 1111111101111110

    two's 1111111101111111


    11. 151 -23 -104 -103


    13. out of range 00010000011000000000000000000000

    14. 00 x99 xFF X69 x00

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