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Question about Philadelphia

I moved in Philly 2 months ago, but rarely leave my apartment (studying for most of the time) , is there anyone currently living in Philly and can tell me what is the "must-go-see" or the fun here? Or can anyone tell me if there is a good Taiwanese food place?

Thanks a lot


PS: My computer doesn't allow me to type Chinese, but I am a 100% Taiwan made :) please feel free to answer inChinese / Taiwanese, thank you again

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    I have lived in Philly for roughly 3 months during my internship. Philly is a place full of historic sites.

    All things start at Independence National Historical Park . Independence Hall -- where the Declaration of Independence was approved and the U.S. Constitution adopted -- Congress Hall, Constitution square, Constitution Hall, Old City Hall, Carpenters' Hall, Franklin Court, Declaration House, and, of course, the Liberty Bell are just some of the attractions.

    For more attractions at the historic district , see

    Next, I would recommend visiting some museums.

    Philadelphia Museum of Art on Benjamin Franklin Parkway – a must see.

    If you like window shopping or seafood, you should never miss South Street . South Street is an east- west street in the Center City neighborhood of Philly. The stretch of South Street between Front Street and Seventh Street is known for its "bohemian" atmosphere and its wide variety of shops and eateries of many different styles. The street is comparable to a large outdoor mall, with the occasional bar and club providing live music. It is one of Philadelphia 's largest tourist attractions.

    Other places I would recommend sightseeing are University of Philadelphia, Delaware River and Lancaster county home of the Amish people (if you have time).

    I used to live in downtown Philly, very close to Chinatown . To me, the dishes were all pretty good.

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    But the food I enjoyed the most are lobsters.

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    Sorry. A typo. I meant "University of Pennsylvania".

    Source(s): Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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    一個就是巴士火車集散中心的Reading Terminal的室內市場,


    還有一間問人都知道的三明治店 rated by AOL as the best hoagies in the USA 真的是超級好吃,讓人做夢都會夢到的懷念。






    這是我能想到的一定一定要去的地方!供參囉!^ ^

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    Reading Terminal Market:

    Rodin Museum:

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