Which brand of Beer has the most hops in it?

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Just watched MANwers & they said that the hops in beer have the same effect just like the hops in breast enhancement pills, & can actually increase ur breast size so im tryin 2 find ...show more
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The female flowers of the hop plant are used as a preservative and as a flavoring agent in beer.

For those who are wondering why hops would increase breast size, hops are one source of potent phyto-estrogens, or plant-derived substances that are similar in structure to estrogens (hormones that make a woman a woman).

At least one identified phytoestrogen in hops is 8-prenylnaringenin, which has also been identified as being able to reverse the "hot flash" (or flush) effect experienced in menopause.

One thing MANswers didn't mention is that hops also have recently been found to contain an anticarcinogen (cancer preventative) called xanthohumol. Along with inhibiting tumor growth and other enzymes that activate cancer cells, it also helps the body make unhealthy compounds more water-soluble, so they can be excreted.

Currently hops have gone up in price, so many beers have been reformulated to contain less.


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thx 4 da in4 ;)
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  • Soracloud is now a Daddy! answered 6 years ago
    Not sure how accurate MANswers is ,I can't see how Hops will increase your bust size but thats not your question, your question is about Hops.

    Hops in beer is first measured in IBUs, the higher the IBU the more Hops were used in the brewing process. The highest I have had is 105ish. I believe it was Troegs Nugget Nectar.

    Keep in mind, for a high hopped beer don't go looking at your average beer like Bud, Miller, Heineken, Coors or Sam Adams. You need IPAs ar Double IPAs from Craft Brewers. Stone Brewing IPA has a decent amount of hops and good for a beginners. Most IPAs will have ~30-50% IBUs, Double IPAs can vary between ~70-100%

    Keep in mind, hops have a very distinct taste and if you've never had a good beer before you might be taken aback by how strong the flavors are.

    A nice list to start with:
    Stone Brewing IPA
    Stone Runination
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Dogfish Head 60 or 90 Minute IPA
    Victory HopDevil
    Harpoon IPA
    Smuttynose IPA
    ACME California IPA

    Honestly, every craft brewer has an IPA. Its the most popular style in Americas micro scene.


    My question to you is, whats wrong with a 36C lol, thats a perfect size!


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  • Andi answered 6 years ago
    Manswers rocks girl....I watch it too. I saw a Samual Adams commercial and I think they were advertising how they use more hops for a unique taste. I'm pretty sure that's what it said. You could Google it or something to check out my advice, cause I'm going to check that theory out too.
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  • tim-tim answered 6 years ago
    I think the only way to increase your beast size naturally is to gain weight in general.
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  • madscientist answered 5 months ago
    I also seen something on discovery channel that said drinking beer can give men small breasts. I drink a lot of beer but I though I only had to worry about getting a beer belly! Now I have to worry about getting beer ****! By the way did you know that you can smoke hops and that it is related to marijuana? Hoppier beer gives you a happier buzz. Hops actually get you high like pot if smoked. In the 1800's, I believe (might be wrong about the timing it's been a while since I've read the book I got the info from), parents used to give their children pillows full of hops to sleep on when they couldn't sleep well. The smell would help them sleep better. True story. All true, if you don't believe me do some research you'll find that Im right. Intristing facts about hops is now over (5 years later... LoL!)
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  • animefreak answered 6 years ago
    umm...under aged here but i heard that in every brew of samuel adams there's 1 lbs of hops. so i guess sam adams. i don't drink but pay attention to there commercials.


    sam adams commercial
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  • gwu 4th year sophmore answered 6 years ago
    the fatty stuff............colt 45!!
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  • Corvato answered 6 years ago
    I would guess... if hops was actually capable of doing this... the amount in beer wouldn't. hops is a flavoring in beer. there isn't enough to actually do much other than add some flavors.

    Its like saying that eating an orange and some orange zest would have the same results.

    I would say if this was true, the only way to get the results would be to go to a home brew store and buy a bag of hops and eat it regularly.
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  • Billy Rebel answered 6 years ago
    Hops are used in beer to add bitterness and take away the sweetness. The more malt that is used requires more hops. More malt equals more alcohol. If you want beer with a lot of hops, look for the strongest alcohol content. Drink all you want, but don't expect any increase in bust size. That's just an outright lie.
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