When I press on the brakes the car shakes it's been happeneing resently. Why? ?

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I have a Nissan Sentra 2001 2.0SE and it only has 28,678 miles on it the previous owners only had it parked in their garage for a while.
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disks are out of alignment, could be dangerous in a quick stop happening, the car could swerve to one side violently
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  • mad_1240 answered 6 years ago
    change the tires and get a front wheel alignment and see what happen
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  • buhjones answered 6 years ago
    Probably a loose caliper or warped disk.
    Either one is a mechanics job really.

    Easy solution is not to use your brakes.
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  • Jeremy A answered 6 years ago
    Probably have warped disk brakes.
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  • odzookers answered 6 years ago
    First, run these tests. At 15-20 mph. remove your hands from the wheel on a flat, straight surface. If the wheel swings slowly and gently back and forth, you have low tire pressure--low enough and it could seem far worse at higher speed.
    "Shaking" isn't descriptive enough. Now, at 45 mph or so, depress the brakes steadily and gently. If the wheel swings back and forth you have warped rotors (or discs), and I'll bet the pads are worn unevenly, too. This can happen on a low mileage car if the wheel nuts were tightened beyond specs and the car was left standing for a while. If you brake at high speed and the whole front shudders without any side-to-side swing, it's either discs, a blown bearing or a loose front end part like a tie rod end. If the front end clicks during turns, it's a shot CV joint.
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