I need a name for a biker chick, but not a nickname, a regular name.?

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I'm writing a fanfiction about a motercycle gang, it's a fanfic of Sons of Anarchy. But I need a name. Something that will be pretty but still has to be tough because she is the ...show more
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  • Blue answered 6 years ago

I hope you'r fanfiction is God awful. those are my favourite kind to read.

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Um, I don't know if I can say that it will be "god awful" but thanks? Well I like the name Harley alot. But I'm naming her Serenity Harley Morrow. Thanks so much, and I'll put the link up if anyone cares to read it.
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  • Only the beginning answered 6 years ago
    baby biker babe
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  • Leopardic answered 6 years ago
    "Masha Motorhead".
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  • Anjellikka answered 6 years ago
    Sexy Onyx
    Black Widow
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