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Help..I need baby names associated with.......?

Well we found out today that my almost 55y/o mom is 2 and 1/2 mom's preggo...She seems perfectly fine...But we need names associated with Christmas. B/c the last name is Christmas. They gave all of us Christmas names. No joke!

These are us other kids names

Nicholas Harold

Mary Noelle

Candace Hollie(Candy)

Gabriel Ryan...Ryan means King

Please suggest both boy & girl names. Thanks.


whoops sorry my bro has a daughter named Ivy & one named Hollie..btw

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    Glory or Gloria




    Natalie or Natalia

    Misty or Missy (from the Mistletoe)

    Felicity or Felicita

    Pax (means peace)

    David (as in star of & city of)



    Dominic (an Italian Christmas song about Dominic the Donkey, kinda like Rudolph the reindeer)

    Paxton (town of peace)

    Jonathan (means God's gift)

    Nathaniel (means gift from God)


    Source(s): Pax (Latin for peace) Tran is a Vietnamese name I have read in a book, I believe it means face of peace or peaceful face. There's also Angelina Jolie's son, Pax Thien which means Heavenly peace or peaceful Heaven (something like that).
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    Boys Names

    Alfredo - Christmas elf.

    Casper - one of the three kings who visited the Christ child in the bible.

    Celyn - meaning 'holly'.

    Christian - 'A Christian' - as a lot of people celebrate Christmas as the anniversary of the birth of Christ, this might appeal to you if you are more traditional.

    Christopher - 'A Christian'.

    Claus - from Saint Nicholas, or 'Santa', the bringer of presents.

    Dion - from the Greek God of wine, intoxication and partying. Good if you have Greek roots.

    Ealhdun - Christmas elf.

    Eldan / Elden - Christmas elf.

    Epifanio - the season which follows Christmas.

    Euell - 'Yule'. This one is a good one if you want a festive name but aren't particularly religious.

    Gabriel - from the Angel Gabriel. Gabriel was the Angel who visited Mary to let her know she was pregnant with the baby Jesus.

    Ingel - meaning 'Angel'.

    Jasper - one of the three kings who visited the baby Jesus in the bible.


    Joesph - the carpenter, Mary's husband.

    Malachi / Malakai - God's messenger. It can also mean 'Angel'.

    Michael - the Angel of love and families.

    Moore - from Clement Clarke Moore, who was the author of 'T'was the Night Before Christmas.'

    Natal - Jesus' birth.

    Natalio - masculine version of Natal and Natalie, meaning Jesus' birth.

    Nicholas - from Saint Nicholas, or 'Santa'.

    Noel - 'Christmas Time'. It can also be spelt Noell and Nowell.

    Robin - 'Robin Red Breast', the Christmas bird.

    Snowden - 'snow'.

    Tannon - from the Christmas carol, 'O Tannenbaum'.

    Wynter - 'Winter Time'.

    Yule - the winter festival. Great for those who are non-religious, more spiritual than religious, or pagan.

    Girls Names

    Angel / Angelina / Angelica - all names for Angel.

    Avery - Christmas elf.

    Belle - could be for Christmas bells if you wanted to theme it this way.

    Carol or Carolle - from Christmas carol.


    Christine / Christina / Kristina - 'A Christian.'

    Christy - a form of Christine, 'A Christian.'

    Eira - 'snow'.

    Gabrielle / Gabriella - feminine version of the Angel Gabriel, the angel who told Mary she was pregnant with the baby Jesus.

    Glory / Gloria - from the Glory of God.

    Holly - from holly tree.


    Ivy - a Christmas plant.

    Josephine / Joesphina / Josie - feminine forms of Joesph the carpenter, husband of Mary.

    Mary / Maria - Jesus' mother.

    Merry - from Merry Christmas.

    Michaela - feminine version of the Angel Michael, Angel of love and families.

    Natalie or Natalia - Jesus' birth.

    Natasha - Jesus' birth.

    Neva - 'Snow'.

    Nicole / Nicola - from Saint Nicholas, or 'Santa'.

    Noelle - Christmas time. Feminine version of Noel.

    Robyn - feminine version of Robin, the Christmas bird.


    Talia - a version of Natalia, Jesus' birth.

    Tasha / Tashia - a form of Natasha, Jesus' birth.

    Virginia - 'Virgin', from the virgin birth.


    Source(s): google
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    Girl- Ivy (The Holly and the Ivy song), Carol, Winter, Natasha, Natalie, Gloria, Pointsettia

    Boy- Nevada (means snow-covered)

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    Natasha - it means child of Christmas in Russian

    Klara - from the Nutcracker

    Beth - after Bethlehem


    Isabelle (Belle)


    Neve/Neva - means snow

    Caroline (Carol)


    Robyn - the Christmas bird.



    Avery - Christmas elf.




    Jasper - one of the three kings who visited the baby Jesus in the bible.


    Angelo (Angel)

    Robin - the Christmas bird.



    For a girl, I'd go with Natasha, Josephine, or Robyn.

    For a boy, I'd go with Robin, Angelo, or Jasper.

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    Jingle Bell

    Angel Snow

    Carol Ivy


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    Natalie - means born on Christmas day.








    Natal - refers to the birth of Jesus or Christmas, just like Natalie

    Waite - another word for Christmas carolers in the 19th century.

    Tannon - as in the famous Christmas carol, "O Tannenbaum".

    Joseph - as in Mary and Joseph.

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    Joseph Noel

    Gloria Joy

    Carol Settia (poinsettia)

    Bethany Star (Bethlaham)

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    Natalie/Natalia means christ's brithday

    Noel -day of birth

    Noelle/Noella-day of birth

    Christian, Christopher, Carsten, Crisoforo-follower of christ

    Christiana, Chrissa, Kiersten, Kerstin-follower of christ

    Gillis-bearer of christ

    Risto-bearer of christ

    Tianna-follower of christ

    Carrol-christmas song

    Hollisha -christmas born

    Karole-christmas song


    Angel or Angelo

    Angelique, Angelia, Evangeline

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    Natalie and Holly

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    so there is someone with the name Mary Christmas? She must have gotten picked on a lot.

    anyways here:

    Angela (it's like Angel)

    thats all i got.

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