Need environmental jobs!?

I've always believed being a dentist is what I wanted to do as a career.

But I realized that it doesn't inspire me, I want to have a job where I'm helping the environment. I want to find ways to stop global warming, I thought that was what "Toxicologist" do but it seems there about poisons.

Is there any other environmental jobs out there?

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    There are many environmental jobs out there, some are not intuitively environmental.

    If you are serious about finding a way to stop global warming I suggest an engineering discipline - chemical, mechanical or civil engineering - all three disciplines are needed to research, design and implement an effective way to stop global warming. Chemistry is also a possibility but I'll bet an advanced degree will be needed.

    In my experience environmental engineering has slightly different emphasis which is not centered on prevention (or research into prevention) of environmental degradation by global warming. Environmental engineering is on the analysis of environmental impacts of toxic and hazardous spills (I work with these types of environmental engineers as an environmental attorney).

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  • David
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    1 decade ago

    Just about any job can have an environmental slant: lawyers can do environmental law, entrepreneurs can start green companies, scientists can model data, journalists can write about climate change...etc etc etc.

    I felt the same as you, I wanted to stop global warming, and so I am currently majoring in Environmental Engineering. It could be one to consider-- good luck!

    By the way, I recommend a book to you called "Environmental Careers of the 21st Century." Check it out, it is filled with environmental jobs you can pursue.

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    Ok, so you're not the little elf in "Rudolph the Red-Nose Raindeer" who wanted to be a dentist instead of a factory worker...

    You probably realize that the credentials you need come from a university education, plus sufficient work experience. If you're in Canada you can get a environmental practitioner certification after five years in the industry.

    ...and there is probably something similar in the US as well.

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    Here in Arizona, there is a government agency called the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) devoted to protecting and improving the environment. Your state probably has something similar.

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