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Hornchurch? London or Essex?

I used to live in Hornchurch, and up until I left, my address always read Hornchurch, Essex. Recently, everyone I keep contact with has begun to mention that they live in London, and even sites such as Wikipedia are listing Hornchurch as a London area.

Why does the address read Essex when it is geographically in London, or have the addresses changed too?

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    I think the explanation may lie in when they re-drew the boundaries & created new boroughs in the sixties. According to wikipedia, the London Borough of Havering, of which Hornchurch is part, came into existence in 1965 and transferred from Essex to the Greater London area.


    The post office, however, has charge of allocating post codes and addresses and it did not change its system so Essex remains as part of your address even though you live in the Greater London area.


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    London just goes on expanding. People living on the edge of London want London addresses. Just don't ask why.

    As far as I'm concerned, Hornchurch is in the county of Essex and not in London. But then the old county of Middlesex still has it's county hall right slap bang in Parliament Square.

    The counties of Kent, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex (gone), Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire etc., (The Home Counties) all meet in London.

    Even Google Maps call it 'Hornchurch, Greater London' blimey!


    Not far from me is the Kent town of Sidcup. But we all know don't we that the majority of Kentish Folk think it's part of London.

    I lived in a small village in the far away countryside of Kent as a child back in the 1940s just arfter WW2. The place has not changed and the people still speak with the same old Kent accent, a bit like London but not like Cockney.

    Once a place gets Cockney - that's it's doom. You see Eastenders on the TV and you wonder where the Hell it is supposed to be. When I go to the East End - Brick Lane etc., I do not see the Beals. What I see is Bangladesh (all very colourful and mouth watering etc) and I hear people speaking Urdish - a mix of Urdu and English, with lots of slang.

    blah etc!

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