Alice Cullen (Twilight) dress?

Okay, pick your top 5 or so picks on what dress is the most Alice-y from this website (all 3 pages),

and this one:

I'm dressing up as her and can't decide.

If you reallllyyy wanna help you can tell me why.

Or, if you saw a different dress on a different website, you are encouraged to post the link.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Old Navy:

    Pg 1 - Sequined Racerback

    Pg 3 - Suspended Halter Dress

    Alice from Twilight! I loved those books + Alice! By the way, good luck with finding the right dress!

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry, but the JC Penney dress is ugly!!

    I like the second dress in the first link. The black sequiny one. It's flashy and stylish, and something that Alice would wear....!!

    If you want to be even more Alice-ey, wear red leather [or jeans] with a sequin top (grad party in Eclipse)


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