Is R. Kelly today's Marvin Gaye?

I mean listen to his style here in You Knock Me Out:


Danielle, what do you think R. Kelly does? He does all those things that Marvin did.

And because some of you are angry about the whole urinating incident shouldn't have any bearing on judging a man's talent. I'm sure Marvin had his own cross dressing skeletons that people would have bashed him for if someone had him on tape.

Update 2:

Diamond Princess, Marvin certainly didn't say "Feelin' on Your Booty" but for its time Sexual Healing was just that.

Update 3:

Brandi, you sound like a Marvin fan. But you didn't really say why R. Kelly isn't all the things that Marvin was. You seem to be coming from a place of anger towards R. Kelly and love for Marvin. Thinking musically, isn't R. Kelly that creative? Have you seen his contributions to others projects?

Granted Marvin changed the National Anthem once but, not taking away from his idea, it wasn't a very good rendition in some people's opinion and shouldn't be the deciding factor in his talents.

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    People will be playing and sampling Marvin Gaye's music for years and years to come.

    I guess they have similar comparison being that both can write a song that is socially conscious, spiritual and inspirational. . And they both can also write some good baby making music too. Oh and don't forget some party jams "Happy people" and "Got to Give it Up". I can see the similarities from a musical point of view.

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    1 decade ago

    Not at all. Rkellys main thing is in producing and song writing. Yet Marvin Gaye was all of those things plus a soul vocalist. He also would not have thought about singing some of the things RKelly sings about. I.e Feelin On Yo Booty, Fiesta. Though those are cool songs. Marvin Gaye did it more tastefully. His vocals also could span miles over RKellys.

    So No RKelly is a good successful musician. But Marvin Gaye was and is a Legendary Genius!

  • 7 years ago

    People talk about artist as if they really know them, Bash Rkelly and give Marvin a pass. Marvin did somethings and I want mention them. Because people are always putting others down with out facts. The music both of them made will be played forever. I love them both. Don't like some of things they have done. I hope evryone believes they can fly, and brother , brother there are far to many of us downing one another.

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    Absolutely not! Marvin Gaye had immense talent and was a tremendous performer. And he doesn't piss on under age teenage girls. R. Kelly is a joke.

    Additional Details: Your absolutely right about if Marvin Gaye had a sex tape it certainly wouldn't be pretty. According to his ex wife his sexual practices weren't exactly conventional. But all sex tapes and bias aside. I truly believe that R. Kelly isn't that talented. (aside from his voice which he was born with) He writes music on a computer using software programs (or someone else writes it) and includes lyrics that are unintentionally laughable. He rarely (if at all) sings about deeper social issues. Conversely, Marvin Gaye wrote multi-instrumental textured polyrythmic music played by large bands including horn and string sections. He also wrote some of the most thought provoking lyrics on his seminal album "What's Goin' On". Bottom line: Marvin Gaye had soul. R. Kelly is just trying to pad bill fold.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not an R Kelly fan and I have to say that you can't really make that comparison. Because Marvin Gaye was a true musician. He wrote, sang, played. People will not hold R Kelly's "music" to the same respect that Marvin's is held in 20 years. You just cannot put them in the same category.

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    No offense, but are you out of your mind? I mean R.Kelly is a great artist, but I he is NOTHING like the The Marvelous One (Marvin Gaye). I mean Marvin Gaye is the only artist I know who can make 50% of his best sound like 150% of his best. Not to mention he changed the national anthem because he knew that the drums was the only instrument that set it off, the others were unnessarry. I mean how many other musicians do you know that would have dared to try that in a foreign country and not care about the consequences. Plus originally his song: Let's Get It On, was not intended to be about sex, it was suppose to be about taking care of work related business, but he song it from the heart and gave us an aphrodisiac to last a life-time. Not to mention that Marvin Gaye was a man who naturally exuded sex appeal like it was sweat, and R.Kelly doesn't. Maybe you should read his brother's biography on him intitled: Marvin Gaye, My Brother before you dare to compare R.Kelly to him.

    P.S. that is one of Marvin Gaye's beats, sounds like Got To Give It Up.

    Also, I do like R.Kelly and I didn't mean to sound rude, I guess i'm just more into Marvin Gaye.

    Source(s): The Marvelous One Is Still The Man
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Style-wise, I would say yes.

    But I believe Marvin Gaye gets more respect.

    Talent wise, I believe they both can sing. But, Marvin Gaye does have better songs in my opinion.

  • Choc1
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    1 decade ago

    No, that song always reminded me of Marvin Gaye, but in order for you to compare him to Marvin you have to produce more than one song like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    PLEASE,R.kelly is good but come on it's an insult on Marvin's part to compare them.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think so

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