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So who is Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher?

Registered Republican under the name "Samuel Worzelbacher" (last name misspelled, so he better hope his name isn't purged), has not paid about 1200 dollars in Ohio state taxes (the state has a lien on him), he recently refinanced his house (originally a loan through CountryWide, but I see he took advantage of that new FHA loan program to help out borrowers back in 2007 when the housing crisis was the biggest evidence of the problem), and his house was assessed at a value of approximately 120,000 dollars.

Sam (a.k.a. Joe) either is lying to us about his business plans, or he's so deep in the woods he just doesn't get it unfortunately.

He did, however, manage to rattle off some far right talking points like equating the progressive income tax with socialism. But he's not extreme (wink).


The FHA program was extended at the end of 2006 (taking effect in early 2007) to refinance some of the crazy loans of people like CountryWide.

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    In one word: a fraud. Also he is not a licensed plumber in the State of Ohio. So his claim about buying a plumbing business is either a flat out lie or wishful thinking. And also it is unclear why he thinks a plumber would make more than $250,000 per year when a radiologist in the state of Ohio makes less than that.

    This is all GOP nonsense to make it look like Dems are big taxers. They said that about Clinton in 1992.

    “joe the plumber” is just another GOP plant placed by the master puppeteers of the Rove machine and the only people that are actually falling for this nonsense is the Republican base. Considering they are already voting for McCain,,Joe the Plumber is a non issue to the Obama camp

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    He's a guy who understands how the economy should work in a free society. When he equated Obama's comments with socialism he was anything but extreme, he was spot on. Thinking a politician elected by the people has the right to move money directly from my bank account to somebody else's is what's extreme. Extreme socialism.

    I work too damn hard to give my hard earned cash away because Robinhood Obama thinks that's what's "good for everybody". Let "everybody" work full time while carrying a full load in college, apply themselves to become exceptional in their careers and work long hours to get the job done, like the rest of us do. Then they can reap their *own* rewards, not mine.

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    I grew up around people like Joe...they talk big but nothing every happens...a few years ago my son got his contractors lisence & he is such a busy person that when he was working on getting the requied paperwork his application was declined...I told him to let me take care of the phone call he needed to make during the day, etc...well, I was shocked to see all that he had to do to get his liscense but later learned that it is really hard to get this kind of liscense now because you have to prove you are a stable person. You have to show your assets & believe me most people like Joe do not have what is needed...I understood the laws were so stict because people too easily ripped off homeowners...later when I was reading about Obama's legislative accomplishments I saw that this laws were written by him...I saw other things he wrote that protect us all but it was amazing to me that he would get accused of not have expereince when he had done son many important things....Joe is a loser like many people I grew up around he is all talk & I doubt he will ever make anywhere near that amount of money & I hope the IRS goes after him for whatever it is he is doing that makes him even think it is a possibility...My brothers in laws are like Joe they always have some dream they are going to achieve but never get ahead.

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    Okay, so if he owes 1200.00 in taxes and refinanced his mortgage that makes him what- a bad person? By the way - FHA is not a new program & I see no reason why this is anyones business. People refinance every day- at least he was able to qualify! Is it just that you see that he is a real person who Obama's tax plan would hurt?

    By the way- are you related to the guy who hacked into Sarah Palin's email?

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    Sam listens to the Rush Limbaugh on the dial driving over to fix your broken toilet.

    He likes to work overtime instead of spending time with his kids.

    He is the truest American and lots of his friends are in Iraq and come home and say that it hurts when people want to apologize for Wubya.

    John McChicken is going to give sam one of his seven houses.

  • Anonymous
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    Whoever he is doesn't matter. He is not the point of interest. The point of interest is Obama's answer caught on tape. Not one person put those words in Obama's mouth. He said them and he got caught. Trying to take Joe the plumber down and turn this into a discussion of him instead of Obama's spread the wealth around comment is very lame.

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    So, Joe took advantage of a program to fight the cost of an over priced housing market that was caused almost exclusively by Democrats. Thanks for making Joe's point for him. Plus you pointed out the fact that he's over taxed, just as we all are. It's taxation without representation these days. I say we all change our deductions so no taxes are taken out. Let's all do it for a month, just to watch the Democrats quiver.

    Go Joe!

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    No, he's not extreme. You are confusing him with your own guy. Seriously. I really find this question hysterical. The media picked this guy out of some rally in Ohio and and decided to plaster him all over the damn television and when it ended up hurting their cause they decided they better dig up some dirt to try and discredit him. I'm quite sure that all Obama followers have been perfect little angels.

    Get a grip! You are seriously losing it.

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    As long as he calls Medicare and Social Security "socialism" and says America is God's personal pet nation. Right pundits like Faux News will ride his coattails er....(jockstrap).

  • Phil M
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    He also admittedly has no serious plans and hasn't even sought financing for buying the business he is "about to purchase."

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