Apartment Smoke Alarm?

So a few weeks ago i move into an apartment complex. I noticed it had a smoke detector and a fire sprinkler. I had planned on smoking in there so i covered up the detector and sprinkler in my room and always smoked in there. This morning it sounded like the guy above me's alarm went off. About two hours later i was taking a bath and listening to music when i thought i had heard someone knocking somewhere. By the time i got out they already entered my room and, what i later found out they were doing, took down the things covering the detector and sprinkler. Does anybody know how this happened? And perhaps the how much legal power does an apartment complex usually have?

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    I am a Firefighter, covering a smoke detector and sprinkler is a major violation. Those alarm's aren't just for you. Once your alarm is triggered by smoke everybody in that building is triggered. By you covering your smoke detector you are providing a unsafe environment for other residents. The fire sprinkler helps to extinguish the fire or prevent from spreading. Go to your balcony and smoke outside. Why put your neighbors in harm so you can smoke a cigarette package that cost $4.00. Is it worth it? Cigarettes are one of worst fire ignition starters. Throw a cigarette on your bed and watch your "mattress light up" and then curtains.

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    Apartment Smoke Detector

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    You can't cover up smoke detectors.. THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE FOR, DETECTING SMOKE...

    Smoke by a window or keep a fan on to move the air around.

    If there was a fire emergency, you could be the reason the fire isn't detected early enough and people could die..

  • 5 years ago

    I cover the smoke alarm with clingfilm.Expect aluminium foil would work too.

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