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How can I learn PHP,.NET,JAVA,.....quickly?

I'd like to learn some programming.....

"How can I learn PHP,.NET,JAVA,.....quickly?"


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    PHP is the only one of those three you can learn quickly, and have to be interested and willing to learn, its not an easy thing to pick up.

    PHP is a very simple server side programming language that mimics the code of C# or C++ I believe, and has the easiest methods of writing variables. I have been writting in PHP for 3 years now and the best way to go about it is to buy a web server with PHP and MySQL and learn to write some simple web applications. You can also install PHP on your own machine, but it's not a simple task for someone with little to no programming experience.

    .NET I am taking up now in college. There is no way you can really learn this quickly, the best way to go about it is to take up classes or buy a book. Compare the ways of writing variables in PHP vs. .NET:


    $variable = "Hello World!";


    Dim Variable As String

    Variable = "Hello World!"

    It takes time to learn how to write variables that can be used in different functions effectively in .NET, as well as .NET has standards for creating variables to go by that take a long time to learn.

    I know little Java, but Java is a very high end programming language and I say you are best off, also taking up some classes on it or buying some books.

    Beings you are a first time programmer, I would strongly recommend learning PHP. I love PHP and it's very simple and powerful to write applications with. The others do have their major advantages over PHP such as having framework and the ability to run and write actual computer programs in, but they are much more difficult to learn and there are less resources available on the internet for them to learn off of, where as PHP has several tutorial and website to help you get started.

    PHP also has the best documentation website,, which features examples and input from other coders on actual functions and pieces of code in PHP.

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    I believe if you replaced the word "belief" with the synonymous word "hypothesis" you wouldn't have a problem. Unless you're completely unthinking, it's impossible to not already have a preconceived ideas about what you're going to learn. There's nothing wrong with already having beliefs, you can't not have them... Anyhow as the result of learning you learn if you were either right, wrong, or somewhat both in your beliefs. Let's take something simple as an example. The Earth moves around the Sun. My Preconceived Hypothesis: From experience I can watch the sun move across the sky. The Earth feels like it's pretty still. So one can only conclude that the Sun is the one who's actually moving. ^The above is however incorrect. The argument against the above is that when you do the math it's a lot simpler for the Earth and planets to be circling the Sun and not everything circling the Earth. Also we can study Venus and note how the dark side of Venus changes (see as Venus goes around the sun different parts of it are lit up showing that it's moving around the Sun). And why it feels like the Earth is not moving is explained because we are in fact "moving with" the Earth. ===== As a side note I disagree with the person who said "beliefs tend to get in the way". That's not true, in fact, most scientific facts are actually "beliefs" before they're proven. You have a belief, you go out and prove that belief. Copernicus believed the Heliocentric model, he went out and proved it.

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    pick one language to start with. I'd recommend java because it's easy to learn or C because if you can code c you can code c++, objective-c, etc. with very little relearning. Learn that language thoroughly and take your time, look up some good free tutorials, buy a book.

    You can't learn a language quick though, because you'll end up writing crapy, buggy code that is all but useless for practical purposes.

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    give up on the goal to learn quickly if you want to be a good programmer

    you can learn any language quickly but in doing so you sacrifice security and bugs ridden apps

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    Just google free Java, or whatever program you want, tutorials. Most of them will have you on your feet in no time.

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    the only way is doing it, try to look for a book and go from the begging

    samples and work your way up

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