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Does anybody else argue with their partners,because nothing seems organised or stable?

Im thrilled about being pregnant, but everything is up in the air.We have a great relationship, most of the time it just seems that so much needs to be done and he is useless at dealing with stress, and not very romantic at all.He can be very selfish and expects everything to be done for him and never pampers me.I wonder how I will cope with his needs and the babies,the baby will always come first and I don't think he'll be able to handle that.Has anybody been through anything similar?

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    My husband seems the same way! I am 26 wks and it feels like their is so much to do its never organized and so on! Only time will tell hun just hang in their thats what everyone keeps telling me!

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    LOL, yep. We got the same thing going on. He doesn't help with the housework, doesn't help much with the our 7 year old. He goes out with his buddies, but doesn't want to take me out. Our last 'date' was the night I got pregnant. I'm 37 weeks and have had huge swollen feet through out my while pregnancy and he had the nerve to ask me for a foot rub the other day... Are you kidding me? I told him me first... that changed his mind. MEN!!! He's gonna have to learn that baby comes first and just deal with it. Mine did for a long time... Now he thinks I'm selfish and whiny. Um, no I'm pregnant. It will get better when the baby comes and you feel better and he realizes what you've been preparing for all this time. Sometimes it doesn't really sink in until they see that little baby in their arms. You can see them fall in love instantly. I have a picture of that first look on his face when he laid his eyes on her. It's priceless. Then he'll never be the same. (Here I go bawling again! )

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    The simple answer is to not do it. I would make a list of what needs to be done for usual tasks and assign out tasks, plus create a master plan and task list for the baby with assignments for both of you.

    I would then post it, ask him to read it and to let you know if he wants to trade any tasks with you.

    If he doesn't do his part, then I would only do your part of it such as if you do laundry, wash only your clothes. If you cook dinner, make it for one.

    If he gets upset, I would simply tell him that he's not doing his household stuff and once he does, you will be happy to do things for him, but that you are pregnant and simply can't do everything any more.

    If he's going to be a big baby, better to know it now before the real baby comes so that you guys can talk things through or else get some help or counseling before life really gets difficult.

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    me and my husband actually broke up when i was pregnant. he was the excat same way drove me nuts. but there is an old saying mothers become a mom when they find out fathers become dads when they see the baby. i would just deal with him, have friends to vent out when he does something wrong or dumb and when the baby comes it changes just like that. my husband literally changed over night. oh and involve him in the pregnancy as much as possible! good luck!

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