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MLS: Predict scores for the 6 weekend games?

All games Saturday except Chivas-Colorado (Sunday)

Toronto FC v. Chicago

New York v. Columbus

Kansas City v. San Jose

Houston v. Los Angeles

Real Salt Lake v. FC Dallas

ChivasLA v. Colorado


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Update 2:

Thanks Kido ... got sick of my Avatar

Update 3:

Toronto FC 3-2 Chicago

New York 3-1 Columbus

Kansas City 3-2 San Jose

Houston 3-0 Los Angeles

Real Salt Lake 3-1 FC Dallas

ChivasLA 1-2 Colorado

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    Toronto FC 1 v. Chicago 2

    New York 0 v. Columbus 5 (gonna be ugly with conway suspended)

    edit: that is, i mean, New York rallies behind recent suspensions to soundly beat a Columbus team that has nothing to play for, 3-1.

    Kansas City 2 v. San Jose 0

    Houston 3 v. Los Angeles 1

    Real Salt Lake 2 v. FC Dallas 1

    ChivasLA 2 v. Colorado 1

    even at home against the worst team in the league people doubt my wizards... 6-0-3 last nine home games... and that streak is going to end to san jose who hasnt won a road game since april?

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    Bit late, but haven't seen any results...

    Toronto FC 1-1 Chicago

    New York 2-0 Columbus

    Kansas City 3-0 San Jose

    Houston 1-2 Los Angeles

    Real Salt Lake 3-1 FC Dallas

    ChivasLA 1-0 Colorado

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    Source(s): Sport Betting System
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    nice pic there osweet

    Toronto 1-3 Fire

    Red Bull 1-3 Crew

    Wizards 2-3 Earthquakes

    Dynamo 4-0 Galaxy

    Salt Lake 2-0 Dallas

    Chivas LA 2-1 Colorado

    Source(s): for those that dont know, i go for Houston and i hate galaxy so i wish Dynamo will destroy, demolish, and massacre Galaxy
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    1-0 Toronto

    3-0 Crew

    1-2 SJ

    3-1 Dynamo

    1-2 Dallas

    2-1 Chivas USA

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