Designing Menu's- What would you like to see on a menu?

So I'm working on a project for class and we have to design our own menu for a theoretical restaurant we would open. Restaurants, while they all have different variations of a particular item, can seem to get kind of generic. I mean, how many different ways can you make a house salad, a club sandwich, baked salmon, a cheeseburger, or some chicken fingers and fries. I'm trying to think outside the box a little bit on this one, and think of stuff that you just don't see on menus that often, or kind of forgotten favorites. I'm open to anything from the traditional italian or mexican to anything you can think of that the average diner would be familiar with. Thinking casual dining so don't get too fancy on me. Casual dining to me is something along the lines of like Outback, Cheesecake, Claimjumpers, PF Changs, etc.. Also, I'm trying to go a little healthier approach on this. Nothing fried is my goal on this menu. Also trying to stay away from stuff thats cooked with a lot of butter, cream, etc..

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    i own a cafe and feel you on the same 'ol menu everywhere. the thing is, people want that stuff. are you asking for the actual design of the menu or the food itself? if you want something healthy, i would suggest having the popular stuff like grilled chicken sandwich, club, etc. but spruce it up a little. i wouldn't recommend doing italian or mexican because they use all of the same ingredients and it's hard to get creative with this. what about doing a contemporary, healthy cafe? i did a lot of research on designing my menu, so if you're interested in this idea, email me and i'll send you my menu items.

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    This sounds like a good project. As in a fun one. Outside the box huh?

    Ok, well like hamburgers, cheeseburgers. list it, the over put price.

    Then under that put list of different toppings. As in grilled mushrooms, onions, bacon, ham, etc. (same with desserts, put toppings that is) and then price for the different toppings.

    That can go same for your steaks. and/or grilled chicken.

    As far as forgotten favorites, maybe do like sheppards pie, instead of using hamburger meat, use chicken fried steak, or BBQ pulled pork. SPice it up a little.

    As far as your salads, your house salad should be simple. Bowl of greens, egg slices, croutons, cherry tomatos, cheese, and cucumber.

    Then list other salads, of course chicken cobb, ceasar. and then your can give them the option of adding tuna/chicken salad or pasta salad.

    Good luck.

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    I would like to see nutritional information on menus - not just for a serving size, but for the whole entree they are serving (since they are often much larger than an actual serving).

    I would like to see more entree salads with interesting combinations. I used to get a grilled salmon salad with artichoke hearts and a spicy creamy lime dressing at a local restaurant, but they took it off the menu. So, I vote for more interesting protein/vegetable/fruit combinations on entree salads. And more interesting dressings as well.

    I would also like to see healthier desserts. Most people would love to have a little something sweet after their meal, but the offerings are just too fattening. Maybe whole grain fruit crepes, sorbet, things like that.

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    I want more veggy side dishes on the menu! Most restaurants serve way too little veggies. And I mean real veggies. Not the ones that are hidden under a big blob of mayo.

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    Try this, a healthy and delicious spin on the grilled cheese sandwich. Whole wheat bread, havarti cheese, sliced tomatoes, and fresh basil. Make it just like you would make a grilled cheese but use olive oil instead of butter for a healthier, italian spin on the grilled cheese.

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    I love all kinds of Italian foods. Why not add some......

    Eggplant Parmesan

    Pasta w/ Clams in a white alfredo sauce

    Risotto w/ apples & sausage


    Chicken Cacciatore

    Lobster in red sauce

    Eggplant caponata

    Desserts could include

    Amaretti Cookies



    Ricotta cheese pies

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    Adobe Indesign

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    You could include a section in which the customer who i s ordering gets to pick what they want to have in their a minimum of four items to a maximum of 7....

    like someone might want a personalised salad or they mite want to choose exactly what they want in their u can charge them per stuffing

    you could give a brief description about each item..and approximately how many calories will be in each item.

    my favorite foods are baked beans....baked potato salad,tuna salad,jacket potatoes,all kinda of pasta dishes like cannelloni ,lasagna etc

    hope i helped and good luck

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    I would like to see an area dedicated to healthy items, low in fat, carbs, etc. Not a token 2 line thing, but a page...even detailing out the nutritional information.

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    A lot more seafood choices

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