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ftp(file transfer protocol)?

where its is used why it is very essential.pls tell me

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    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.

    FTP is a file transfer protocol for exchanging and manipulating files over a TCP computer network. A FTP client may connect to a FTP server to manipulate files on that server. As there are many FTP client and server programs available for different operating systems, FTP is a popular choice for exchanging files independent of the operating systems involved.

    FTP runs exclusively over TCP. It defaults to listen on port 21 for incoming connections from FTP clients. A connection to this port from the FTP Client forms the control stream on which commands are passed to the FTP server from the FTP client and on occasion from the FTP server to the FTP client. FTP uses out-of-band control, which means it uses a separate connection for control and data. Thus, for the actual file transfer to take place, a different connection is required which is called the data stream. Depending on the transfer mode, the process of setting up the data stream is different. Port 21 for control(or program), port 20 for data.


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    Hello --

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the legacy method of sending a file from one computer to another.

    In this day and age of E-mail attachments it might seem strange to have a protocol dedicated to simply sending and receiving documents. The fact is that when you send an attached document it goes to an e-mail account where the recipient is responsible for where the document ultimately goes. With FTP your computer is sending a document to another computer. The precise directory of that computer is specified. So the document is not just sitting in an in-box somewhere ... it is in a directory where it can be used and accessed.

    Many times in websites the files are moved using FTP so the website is automatically updated.

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    It comes from a long line of protocols (http - the protocol used to browse web pages) (smtp - a protocol used to send email)

    Ftp is a protocol used to send files from one computer to another.

    A protocol is a specification of what to do with the data when it is received by a computer when sent from another. If there were no protocols, the receiver of the data would not know which format this data was in. So when a computer receives some data, it looks at the header of this data to determine what protocol to use (the information on which protocol is used is sent along with the data too)

    So when you ever send one file to another computer using ftp, your original data will also include information saying treat this as a file transfer, information in this header also includes what type of file you are sending, size etc...

    The question of when you would use it is whenever you wish to send a file from one computer to another.

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    FTP is a TCP protocol used to transfer data form one computer to another over a network. It is the most common way of transfering files from a computer to a remote webserver, though it is neither the fastest, nor the most secure.

    FTP runs over two TCP Ports, ports 20 and 21.

    There are lots of GUI FTP clients availalbe, though you can also use FTP from the command line (eg bash or windows command prompt).

    Common alternatives are:

    SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol

    TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol

    SCP - Secure Copy

    More on FTP

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    try to think 2 explorer for windows/2 nautilus for linux/2 finder for mac...

    1st browser is your root dir:2nd browser is your other folder

    how will you copy/transfer those files in vice versa using your computer dir to remote/server dir.

    that is FTP!

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    its mainly use to transfer file from one location to another location, suppose at your college u have a drive where u save your work, one way is you use USB, other-way is if you have ftp, you access your drive online by home and copy that file from there to your home.

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    It is used to transfer files from computer to computer

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    its simply a way to browse but with no images text only

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