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Please help me form a few familiar phrases in Spanish?

My little nephew (he is almost two years old) and his mama are visiting from Peru, staying for the weekend. He is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and while I will speak mostly to him in English I want to speak urgent phrases and sweet phrases to him in Spanish, as this is the language he is exposed to most.

I would like to know how to say:

"don't touch that, it's special,"

"don't touch that, it's dirty"

"be careful with the puppy"

just "be careful"

also, whether his name goes before or after these phrases when I address him?

i also need the acceptable or familial form of "i love you" for a young boy

as well as "you are sweet."

and "little nephew"

help on any of these is appreciated. his mama laughs at me when i try out my very remedial spanish on her so i thought knowing a few phrases would be nice and make him feel at home.


Also, the phrase "how do you say ... " might be helpful as well.

Update 2:

gracias alliete, that is super-helpful!

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    No toques eso, es especial.

    No toques eso, está sucio

    Ten cuidado con la mascota (or ten cuidado con el perrito)

    tan sólo ten cuidado.

    His name can be said at the begining or at the end, but because he is a kid say it first so you'll get his attention first.

    I love you (for the little kid) te quiero mucho

    You are sweet (eres un dulce or eres una ternura)

    little nephew (pequeño sobrino)

    How do you say....? ¿Cómo se dice?

    Good luck with your peruvian relatives (I'm peruvian too!)

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