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I come from Hsinchu known as wind City, she is Domestic Hi-Tech Industry Gather Cultural a big city.

My family has one father and Mother Elder brother Elder two sister With me Six of members Common Composition.hey each has Proper and steady work.Parents Discipline the way,It is very simple only towards Correct Follow in order and advance step by step Go to train and finish,Purpose Lie in Cultivation Development Interest.

With Family During Get along a Communicate Treatment Face It is difficult and Question.Respect each other Idea and Opinion.Receive

Family Environment Influence My individual character Cultivation

Train to be Lean to Personality, i like Attempt Various Different thing Fond of making and helping the friend too.At ordinary times Utilize Leisure Arrive Outside Play basketball and Runing,Like too Watch TV and movies At the same time read books have Sound Perfect the health Ability to do more things that want to finish reaching by oneself.

I have been a Serve as Department Society Cadre During university

,Participate hold In the school Activity But also with Industry Have gone on Exchange each other Experience Forum.After finishing the study of university, face soon Adult man Will meet Military service question, Post in taking on the administrative financial affairs during one's term of military service,Commanding officer's officer and colleague can believe in me and affirm and praise either.

It is all relevant to speak of one's own work experience components with professional knowledge studied by oneself Such as serving marketing with respects such as management and administration,etc.

So highly study the interest about some different working post properties. After hoping the service unit or company Can give one's own a chance lets my development and service well go down,Though can't guarantee oneself is the best, But must be one efforts were paid conscientiously.



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    Hi, I might be able to help you... but it's gonna be long answer and yahoo might remove it later( as i did one before and been removed.>< you can email to me but will you offer more points?? ;D cheers p.s. i also can't understand it completely....maybe it'd help you give me your chinese one as well..... :)

    Source(s): myself--live in chch half of my life and still here...
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