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關於坦尚尼亞的一些問題 急 贈20點

我想問坦尚尼亞的capital(首都),terrain(地形),climate(氣候),agricultural products(農業產品),political leader(政治領導者).


1.what kind of industries are in Tanzania ?

2.Does Tanzania celebrate an independence day? If so , what day?

3.Has a foreign country ever controlled Tanzania? If so ,which country or countries and for how long(what the days)?

4.What is the literacy like in Tanzania? Can a lot people read and whrite in Tanzania?

5.what is the poverty like in Tanzania?

6.Are there any current issues going on in Tanzania?Explain.

7.And finally, is there anything or anyone special about Tanzania? If so ,Explain.




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    United Republic of Tanzania's capital is Dodoma.

    Tanganyika was separated from Britain in 1961 to be independent, Zanzibar was independent in 1964, the merge was Tanzania.

    Outputs the gold, the coffee, the cashew, the cotton primarily.

    Tanzania since the independent founding of the nation, the civil war has kept pouring, within the boundaries most lives of the people under poverty line. The domestic natural resources are deficient, must admire the foreign aid.

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