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一篇英文對話 (在街上遇見) 20點!!!





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    A: Hi how are you havent seen you for a real long time!!

    B: Oh hi (B) long time no see it have been so long.

    A:so whats going on??Is every thing all right??

    B:oh yes it is every thing is just wonderful! I got hire in a great

    company and I can make six-figure-salury every month!!

    A:wow that is very impasive!!

    B:so how about you I heard you are dating with jack!!

    A:will things doent work out for us so we break up.

    B:oh! I am sorry!!

    A:will its a long time ago!

    B:will I have to go to work here is my E-mail we will keep in touch.

    A:ok see you!


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