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請問工無英文drop forged是什麼意思?

如題:請問工無英文drop forged是什麼意思?


drop forged CR-V alloy steel


抱歉!打錯了 ,是工業英文!

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    以重槌落下鍛造的 CR-V合金鋼

    請參考下列英文網頁 友詳細說明

    Modern manufacturers use either a falling hammer or a powered hammer to do the hammering (rather than doing it by hand), and usually use dies on both sides of the piece. This is drop forging.

    Manufacturers now use many different techniques to forge metal. Four of the most common include:

    Drop forging - Hammering hot metal into dies.

    Source(s): 技術文件翻譯 +英語教學+ 網頁
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