What are some uncommon boy and girl names?


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    Some of my favorite names along with their origin & meaning: (MN) - I like for a middle name, but some would work for a first name and vice versa :>)


    Aaralyn (AIR-a-lin) - American: "With song"

    Ainsley - Scottish: "My own meadow"

    Bailee (BAY-lee) - English: "Bailiff"

    Caprice (ka-PREESE) - French: "whimsical, unpredictable"

    Carrington - English: "Place name: Town of Cora"

    Emberlyn - American: "Spark by the waterfall"

    Fallon - Irish: "Of A Ruling Family"

    Giselle (or Jazelle) - German: "Pledge"

    Gracelyn - American: "Grace By The waterfall"

    Harper - English: "Harpist, minstrel"

    Harlow - English: "From The Mound Of The People"

    Irelyn - American: "Homage To Ireland"

    Hayden - English: "From The Hay Downs"

    Jaelee - American: "Happy meadow"

    Jacee - American: "The Flower"

    Jacelyn - American: "Joyous"

    Jazlyn - American: "Flower at the waterfall"

    Kadance - English: "Rhythm"

    Kailee(K-eye-lee) American: "Form of Kayla" (Arabic: "Crown")

    Kalyn (KAY-lin) American: "Rejoicer by the waterfall"

    Kennedy - Irish: "Helmeted chief"

    Kenzington - Scottish: "The fair one"

    Kinsley - English: "Offspring; relative"

    Makenna - Scottish: "Ascend"

    Marley - English: "Meadow near the lake"

    McKailyn - American: "Pure"

    Olivia - Form of Olga - Russian: "Holy"

    Presley - English: "Priest's meadow"

    Peyton - English: "Warrior's town"

    Reagan - Irish: "Little ruller"

    Saelee - American: "Blessed"

    Saylor - American: "Strong, Brave one in Battle"

    Sydney - English: "Wild Meadow"

    Teagan - Irish: "Good Looking"

    Avery (MN) - German: "noble; bearlike"

    Belle (MN) - French: "Beautiful"

    Dai (MN) - Japanese: "Great"

    Kayde (MN) - Scottish: "Wetlands"

    Kole (MN) - Greek: "Victorious people"

    Laine (MN) - English: "Path"

    Rayne (Rain) (MN) - Scandinavian: "Mighty"

    Reese (MN) - Welsh: "Enthusiasm"

    Shea (MN) - Gaelic: "Admirable"

    Skye(MN) - Arabic: "Water giver"


    1. Kenzington Presley

    2. Harper Reece

    3. Presley Kole

    4. Marley Dai

    5. Irelyn Caprice

    7. Kennedy Rayne

    8. Reagan Shea

    9. Kinsley Skye

    10. Gracelyn Giselle


    Beckett - English: "Beehive or bee cottage"

    Braeden - Irish: "descendant of Bradán"

    Braxton - English: "Brocks Town"

    Brighton - English: "The bright town/ bridge settlement"

    Britton - English: "From Great Britain"

    Bryson - Welsh: "Son of Brice (Speckled)"

    Carter - English: "One who transports goods"

    Chase - French: "Huntsman"

    Christian - English: "Follower Of Christ"

    Colton - English: "Swarthy person"

    Deacon (DEE-ken) - Greek: "Servant / Messenger"

    Emerson - English: "Son of Emery (Work Ruler)"

    Greyson - English: "Son Of The Grey-haired Man"

    Gunner - German: "Battler, Warrior"

    Harrison - English: "Son of Harry (Army ruler)"

    Holden - English: "Deep valley"

    Jameson (JAY-ma-sun) - English: "Son of James (he who supplants)"

    Keegan - Irish: "Small flame"

    Kingsley - English: "king's meadow"

    Layton - English: "Meadow settlement"

    Liam - Irish: "Strong-willed Warrior"

    Lincoln - English: "From the lake colony"

    Mason - French: "Stone Worker"

    Manning - English: "Son of the man"

    Mylo - Latin: "Soldier"

    Nolan - Irish: "Descendent of the famous one; champion"

    Paxton - English: "Peace settlement"

    Parker - English: "Park keeper"

    Porter - English: "doorkeeper"

    Preston - English: "Priest's town"

    Rylan - English: "Land where rye is grown"

    Weston - English: "From the western town"

    Zyler - American: "Strong, Brave one in Battle"

    Zaylor - French: "To cut"

    Ash (MN) - Scandinavian: "Tree name: the Ash Tree"

    Beau or Bo (MN) - French: "Handsome"

    Blaise (BLAZE) (MN) - French: "Limping"

    Cole (MN) - English: "Victory Of The People"

    Dean (MN) English: "valley; church official"

    Duke (MN) - Latin: "Noble leader"

    Grant (MN) - English: "Great"

    Graham (MN) - English: "gravel area; gray homestead"

    Jett (MN) - English: "Jet black"

    Jude (MN) - Hebrew: "The praised one"

    Kade (MN) - American: "Stout, Sturdy"

    Kane (MN) - Irish: "Little battler"

    Kai (MN) -Hawaiian: "Ocean"

    Leif (LAY-f) (MN) - Scandinavian: "Heir; Loved"

    Owen (MN) - Welsh: "desire born"

    Pace (MN) - Hebrew: "Passover"

    Pierce (MN) - English: "Rock"

    Pryce (MN) - French: "Prize"

    Reid (MN) - English: "Red headed"

    River (MN) - English: "Place in nature"

    Rhys (R-ee-ce)(MN) - Welsh: "Running"

    Ryder (MN) - English: "Horseman"

    Stone (MN) - American: "Stone"

    Tucker(MN) - English: "Garment maker"

    Wyatt (MN) - English: "War Strength"

    Zane (MN) - American: "Beloved"


    1. Jaxon Pierce (My son)

    2. Greyson Beckett

    3. Lincoln Grant

    4. Nolan Pryce

    5. Beckett Reid

    6. Manning Jude

    7. Colton Leif

    8. Braeden Ash

    9. Weston Duke

    10. Emerson Dean

    Good Luck & God Bless! & CONGRATS!!!

    Source(s): Chit-chat from the mama of a wonderful 17 month old boy Jaxon Pierce.
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    To find out some uncommon names, a good website to go to is http://www.alternativebabynames.com/

    I had a look and if you go to the bottom and choose a letter, it gives you some really uncommon names, boy and girl.

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    Takoda (boy) and Capri ( girl).

    Sorry Chrislyn I know 4 people with your name and all spelt the same way.

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    Bodhi (Boh - dee) is a really nice name.

    It can be used for either i think although i know a boy called Bodhi.

    It means 'enlightenment'.

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  • Stashia is a unique name for a girl. It's pronounced: sta-sha

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    Jen and John, because common names these days are wingnut and banjo.

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    Issachar for a boy, it's biblical and means 'great reward'.

    Source(s): mom of 2 and #3 on the way
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    i am in love with the name Kyrian, for a boy.

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    Mckenzie - which can be both boy and girl

    bennet- boy


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