hows life like in San Diego, particularly SDSU?

I'm a 19 year old community college student in Sacramento, and I am looking to transfer to SDSU. So I have a few questions:

1. Are there any nice but safe apartments in the areas near SDSU where I can live? Or would anyone recommend the dorms? Do transfer students even use the dorms?

2. Is anyone familiar with the art (graphic design emphasis) program over there? How's it like?

3. What's the student life like there? Are the people friendly, snooty, partying all the time, etc? How can I get involved?

4. How do you guys deal with the fires every once in a while in so cal?

5. Is living in San Diego insanely expensive?


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    I have never heard anything bad about sdsu. Its a ppretty big party school, the weather probably promotes that! The fires? Not much you can do till they happen, just have a place in mind locally that you can retreat to if you are evacuated and prepare in your mind what you would grab if they gave you a 5 minute warning to get out. I dont think there is that much of a difference $$$ between sacramento and San Diego. You will never be bored and the weather is awesome. School has a neat location.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. I don't know about apartments. I'd recommend dorms if available, since they are more convenient.

    2. no idea

    3. it's known to be a party school

    4. they are not a big deal. They only affect small areas, and usually not in the city itself.

    5. it's cheaper than Los Angeles. If you are already from California, it won't be that much difference.

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    It's somewhat expensive.It all depends where you are going to live. It's a GREAT CITY!!!!!!I I would log on to this site it gives you information from people that live in san diego GOOD LUCK

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  • Chad C
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    1 decade ago

    ridiculously expensive, ridiculously nice

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