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I want to go to College in Ireland, Dublin Preferably. I was thinking about Trinity but i have some questions?

Im an American, so i now the prerequisites are different, what exactly do i need to go to Trinity?

Im trying to get a medical degree, do they have pre-med?

what can i expect to pay tuition wise?

and kinda help me overall here, i don't know much about Ireland's higher education system.

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    The site above will give you all the information

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    Hi i was a middle eastern dental student in Cork Ireland. will really recommend UCC the staff there are very helpful and friendly.The international office is awesome, they are so kind. I know they have premed. the dean of health sciences is Prof. McConnel, he is the best dean you will ever come across. anyways if you want to go to Dublin its only 3 hours away by train.

    My friend was in trinity, but sorry to say this she wasn't very happy there.

    Good luck. Hope that helps.

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    properly, large decision. i became a pupil in this large company. we do issues diverse over right here, we don't do ' pre med'. our get admission to relies upon on a factors based opposition from our leaving cert( our one and only examination from 2d point or what you call severe college). for non eu participants get admission to is diverse, you will desire to attend an interview, and would you be fortunate sufficient then the money comes into play, for us over right here, it rather is loose, we don't pay any instructions expenditures, yet i'm unsure of the value for college scholars from non eu member states. our scientific programme is 7 years alongside with placements in community hospitals. it rather is a protracted street yet properly worth it none the fewer. i'm hoping this helps in some way

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