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working out and plateau effect?

how long does it take for your muscles to get the plateau effect? if i work out 3 times a week doing the same work out when will this set in? how often should i change the workout?


i do 3X15 and do increas the weight about every 4 weeks. im going for muscular endurance

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    Depends on what you mean by "the same workout." Are you increasing the weight at all? Still working out to failure? Are you going over a full range of motion?

    If you constantly increase the weight to stay within the rep range of 6 to 10 with good form then you'll have quite a while before you really need to change up too much. Possibly months. My rule of thumb is that if I haven't increased the weight or reps on a lift for 4 weeks then I change it up. Just that one exercise not everything.

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    Trainers recommend mixing up your exercise routine every 6-8wks


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    yes, see a personal trainer to help you change things up!

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