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Why do people hate Karl Marx?

I am a college student and I am currently studying Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. As far as I can tell, Marx was just a man who wanted the best for his society. He was happy that society had progressed to capitalism, but longed for the freedom of the proletarian (working class). That freedom would come through a communist government. Marx never called for economic equality for society, but freedom from oppressors. I challenge you to find a passage in which Marx calls for equality. Also, why do people blame Marx for the mistakes of the USSR? Marx did not create the USSR, he died long before it was ever created. Can he be blamed for someone else perverting his ideas and theories? I think people give Marx a worse wrap than he deserves based only on fallacies placed upon us by others. I think few people who would proudly state an opinion about Marx has ever read his text. Your turn, what do you think. 10 points to the best argument/most entertaining.

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    You have to understand that the average person on here and in real life is about as sharp as an obtuse angle. Half the people probably couldn't tell you who Karl Marx is, and the other half will talk about how Russia was evil, China is evil, and then they'll throw some "socialism" comments and comments about Germany after the second world war and you'll see what I mean.

    Marx just wanted the best for his people. No one has yet been able to successfully apply his theories to a society because he didn't count on the general greed and hatred of the average human being. People abuse the system and it collapses unfortunately. If there was some way to get communism to work properly it would be good but I don't want to go down that road knowing that humans would be the ones putting the policies into place.

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    Marx died over a century ago, and I have read every word he wrote which is accessible in German AND English. I realize people hate the philosophy that he and Engels concocted because of what the REAL government became. Why they would loathe anyone who is basically a rather hopeful philosopher, I understand only in those terms. Much like other Utopian philosophies, Communism had

    the practical issue of people who are inherently flawed and frequently corrupt. Capitalism has the same problem! Difference is, of course,

    when the state owns and controls everything and has all the power, mistakes are magnified and amplified, and a real BEAST like Stalin took a pure, left wing philosophy and became "The Communist Czar", only he had far more actual power. I wonder sometimes what Communism might have become had Lenin lived ten years longer, or had Trotsky succeeded him. But we have been heavily propagandized in the west to detest anything to do with Communism, and without really understanding it, anything liberal is labeled "socialistic" in this country and draws the same kind of ignorant vitriol. Neither Marx nor Engels ever worked in or for a Communist government, or ever even saw one. The prediction the philosophy would take deepest and earliest root in England proved to be wrong, though Marx IS buried there. Were Marx revivified today and reviewed much of what was done in his name, he would be revolted, too. That's what happens when philosophies and ideals

    are put into the hands of men with more practical and, often, sinister agendas. Interestingly, Marx's core economic axiom--that all political and social action flows from capital (money)

    was very controversial and condemned in the 19th Century, but today, is almost the universal explanation for any sort of

    program or position. In the end, that little tidbit ended up dominating the RIGHT and the LEFT!

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    Karl Marx is like all the other great political theorists of any time. But they all have to find the basic fault line of man. Is man basically evil(Hobbes) or is he basically good (Calvin). Marx believed that man was basically good, unfortunately, for Marx, Jefferson, Paine, Thoreau, man is evil. Man will become corrupt if left to his own means for to long. That is why the United States we live in a Republic, and not Agrarian Democracy of Jefferson, or the Urban Utopias of Paine, or the Naturalist havens of Thoreau. Marxism never works because the proletariat is to easily corrupted. It becomes more about maintaining power than for the good of the people. There is never any checks and balances for the people to reign in the power and gain their freedom back. Even Jefferson was appalled during the Jackson election how corruptible democracy was and wained for the return to Republicanism. But it was to late, the people had begun to taste the power and never was it to return it to the chosen few. If you read the earlier political Theorists before Marx, then read Marx, you will see a ton of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, but what you wont see in Marx is the French Revolution, Haitian Rebellion and the Guillotine. All you see is the flowers and butterflies and everyone singing Kumbya. Not the blood and the power grabs and the prisons and the ugliness that comes from corruption. That you get from History and the real life world that people live in.

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    He meant well, but his system had no chance of succeeding. One 19th century anarchist, I forget which one, actually predicted that the "dictatorship of the proletariat" would turn out to be a tyranny, not a precursor for the Heaven on Earth that both communists and anarchists wanted. He understood some of Marx's ideas better than Marx did himself. It always amused me when I was a Marxist that text books on economics, written by supporters of capitalism, often acknowledged in a footnote that the trade cycle had been discovered by Marx. There is now some dispute about that - but he certainly explained and publicised the idea widely. If Karl Marx had not wanted to tear down capitalism, he would be remembered today as a great economic theorist. The Communist Manifesto is a fine piece of writing, I am sure that many who detest its ideas would agree. I reread it a long time after I had given up on Marxism and could still fell its power. Similar to the way "The Battleship Potemkin" is a great film, if you just put aside the fact that it happens to be communist propaganda. EDIT: If, by some bizarre chance, Marx had ever got to be part of a government, it would not have been undemocratic or tyrannical. Maybe not very effective, either! Lenin was certainly a Marxist. He was concerned with saying in power and followed the behaviour of previous rulers in that part of the word, following the anti democratic tradition of the tsars as much as he followed the ideas of Karl Marx. His books are still widely read by western Marxists because, like Marx, his ideas sound better in print than the reality. His book "State and Revolution" described a wonderful democratic style of government. Too bad that he never implemented it! Lenin and Mao started out Marxists, but, having too much power, went on terrible ego trips. I am not sure that either was a Marxist by the time they died. I do not believe that Pol Pot was ever a Marxist. He wanted to take humanity back to a pre industrial society, not move forward into a new kind of society of any kind. By the word "Marxist" I simply mean someone who believes the bulk of what Marx did. He himself, of course, detested the word.

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    Cause they r selfish fools or they dont know his work .I asked this same question myself when I first studied marx . When I first read the communist manifesto I thought to myself while reading; wow this is how I feel, or "thats exactly how I see capitalism. Then I thought "holy **** am I a communist?" People hate him cause they r greedy dumb fools. Or they r just greedy, or just dumb. Its funny how atheist people have a better understanding of a cival society and a bigger heart for the less fortunate then those who claim they praise jesus. Hate to break the news to them but jesus would have been a marxist.

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    We Americans live in a Federal Republic.We are raised to honor the law and protect the weak but never to pity or suffer pittance.We are taught that the cream will rise to the top and that it is natural and right to strike the chaff from the wheat.We hate Marx because he created a disease by which the weak who might otherwise endeavor to be strong,instead wallow in self pity and destroy their betters rather than have to acknowledge them.The word "fair" is used by communists often,a true American knows that fair is the by word of the perpetual loser who envies the winner...the mere participant who claims a victors laurels anyway.I know of a cure for marxs' disease...but it's bloody.

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    All philosophies while they repose on paper are perfect! People, however, are not perfect. Communism (and everything else!) would

    probably be wonderful, if we could locate the correct saints to instrument them...and that cannot happen. Of course, in the United States, we had a fifty-year campaign of propaganda and hatred

    against Communism, which many people now extend to anything left of Atilla the Hun, so the Cold War left the U.S. somehow strangely

    blind to whole categories of social justice, merely because some imbecile will call them "communistic".

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    Anyone over the age of 18, (unless you re mature) read this version:

    It s about control.

    If they can tell you they are good, you cannot say they aren t.

    If they can tell you it s for the collective good, who are you to fight them - when in reality all collections have a head (or several).

    Think about it - tons of people willing to work to remove power from one group (business owners) to give to another (Marxist leadership) - who then call the leadership they give the power to "good."

    It is the willful giving of your individual brain power, free will, and self to an overlord. It is just masked in the face of "public good."

    Anyone under the age of 18, read this one:

    Life is not what it appears to be.

    You have probably encountered someone lying to you.

    Most times, children are raised in "fairly fair" households (compared to life as a whole) - you have people who love you, and support you fairly stably (generally).

    Reality is not that way - people lie, and they especially lie about things that as a kid you wanted to see happen (everyone getting along, etc.). By tapping in to this, they can control you to do what they want.

    This is what Stalin did, and why communism always becomes a dictatorship - because that is what it is. It is the consolidation of power based on the *lie* of everyone being better off, when in reality power is being taken from one group (usually business owners) and given to another (usually Marxist leadership) - because they cannot get businesses another way. That is the truth. They want to control people. Most dictators, fascist countries, and socialist regimes paint themselves in the good feelings you learned as a child - so they can control you.

    All of you:

    Seriously, read Animal Farm.

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    People hate Marx because he was good enough at making a case for his system that many people took it seriously, and that turns out to have been a disaster, so it goes back to him, at least in part, for promoting a system that only looks good on paper, but appears to appeal to persons who want to impose it by force and then kill millions of innocents who just aren't that keen on it.

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    communism can work. just not on scale Marx would want. the philosophy can be successfully applied in small towns. but it fails miserably when applied to metropolitan cities. Russia and china are simply too big in terms of population and territory.

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