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How can I get a job with the Ghost Hunters on t.v .?

That looks like interesting work. How do I apply and ultimately get hired?

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    Honestly, good luck. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who'd like to get on that show. They do usually have ghost hunting societies in each state, but they're usually hard to get into and you wouldn't be working with the cast of Ghost Hunters on TV.

    From what I remember, I think last year the Ghost Hunters had a show where you could apply to get a chance to Ghost Hunt with the cast at a certain location and potentially become a 'full-time' hunter. Something like that. Honestly, that's probably your only chance. Unless you just so happen to randomly meet a cast member and enquire.

    They've probably got a TON of people coming up to them asking to be on the show.

    But it never hurts to try! Good luck!!

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    You can always audition to participate for the Ghost Hunters Live episode held every Halloween. Chances are probably slim to get an actual job with TAPS, although it would be very interesting to work with them. Ghost Hunters is a clever, wity, and suspenseful show.

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