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Is it okay to give my 15 months old a peanut butter & jelly sandwich?

My son already ate peanut butter & jelly sandwich I thought it would be good for him to have it because it's health and had protein but someone said to me he cannot have it til 4 years old because their doctors told her that peanut butter can cause babies die if I fed my baby a peanut butter too early? Is it true? My doctor didn't said anything about peanut butter only they said do not give hard nuts can cause choke that's all they said but is it okay to give my 15 months to have peanut butter & jelly sandwich?

I also do not have family or myself who are allergy nuts or peanut.

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    Yes you can. You should slap whoever told you that.

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    My son has had pp&j, and is still alive. He's 19 months.

    I think the concern is the consistency of the peanut butter... being that it's a bit hard to chew because it's sticky. And the allergy concern.

    If there is no allergy, and you put the peanut butter on very light, i don't see why there is a problem.

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    As crazy as this may sound to you - the person who told you this was right. Peanut butter is on the list from the American Academy of Pediatricians as a choking hazard - here is the website -

    Some ways to make this less of a choking hazard is to make sure that it is spread very thinly or mix it with applesauce.

    Every five days, a child in this country chokes to death on food, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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    I have a friend who has a daughter and at about 15 months or so her daycare fed her peanut butter, without mom's permission, and mom found out... got upset and asked them to please not give her child peanut butter again (due to 1st of all risk of choking and 2nd of all the chance of becoming allergic to peanut oil, etc. from early exposure) Anyway... they went against her wishes and gave her peanut butter again and the second time she had it, she broke out in a rash all over her body. when she went to the doc, they said that the rash was indeed from a peanut allergy from early exposure...

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    Of course's you can feed your child peanut butter most people say don't because they cant get tested till i think its 4 but i give my son it and i have been for a while he has never had a problem and if he douse i will deal with it then hes ok and he loves it i make sure he eats it and douse not chock it is easy chocked on so at least sit by him so you know everything ok

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    That's just ridiculous. Doctors have made a peanut butter food product for newborns in Africa. Of course there is always a risk of developing a food allergy but its not likely.

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    it's okay to give them peanut butter on bread, as long as it's spread thinly... if you spread it too thickly, or give it to them on its own on a spoon or something, they could choke on it, because it's got such a thick texture. My daughter is the same age as your son and she loves to have a peanut butter on her toast, she eats it all the time.

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    yes it is if there is no family history of allergies, usually if there is certain foods like p/bttr, and chocolate should be introduced later, in any event after at least a yr. if there is a family history of allergies i would recommend a little at first, and monitor to see if there is any reaction, keeping in mind that a reaction may not take long to develop, but may not necessarily occur after 1 trial. good luck!!!!

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    Give him the creamy peanut butter. But yes PB&J sandwhiches are ok for him to eat. I bet he loves them.

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    As long as he doesnt choke and or have a allergic reactoin it should be ok

    Love Ya,

    Dakota Fanning

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    at that age i think its more of a choking issue, they do sell pb&j already mixed together, it makes it less sticky and easier to chew/swallow. i think it only comes with grape jelly tho. i have a jar i keep pb&j in that i mixed together myself because i have what must be the only kid in the world who hates grape jelly.

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