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What do you think of the new WSM!! (experience only plz)?

I am going out to buy a new rifle and it will be used on moose, elk, deer, antelope, mule and black bear. Now hunting Mule, Antelope and elk sometimes requires a longer shot. So i want a flat shooting gun and was thinking of either the 300. wsm, 270. wsm or the 7 mm STW.

Have you shot one of these rifles? Do you like it? do you suggest it or a different rifle. I have shot the 300. wsm before and thought it was an excellent caliber but what about other 2.

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    I agree with METRO - stick to what's common.

    The 7mm STW is dying a very fast death

    The 270 WSM is on it's way out

    However the 300 wsm is here to stay. It's certainly not as common as the 300 win mag, 30-08, etc but I would not be afraid to buy it so long as you accept the fact that ammo costs a great deal more. It is something that should be around for a considerable amount of time.

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    I agree with Metropol, and I have given him my thumbs-up.

    This whole short magnum fad is just that...a fad. It is a way for gun companies to come out with something NEW to lure people to spend more money on guns they really don't need.

    A short 20 years ago, there was no debate over short actions versus long actions. Now, all of a sudden, we are being told that it is easier and faster to cycle a short action rifle. Huh? The difference in bolt length of the two is only about one inch! How much more effort does it take to pull a bolt back that extra inch?!

    When it comes down to brass tacks, there are actually 3 different action lengths. Short actions, Long actions and Magnum actions. With the Magnum actions being the longest...but also being in the calibers that are most used for hunting dangerous game! So, with a charging lion or cape buffalo, being able to cycle that bolt on the rifle could mean the difference between life and death - for the hunter! Yet, they have no problem using the 375 H&H Mag and 416 Rigby rounds and actions to hunt this game.

    Another thing to consider is the eventual expense of buying ammunition. Ammo like the 30-06, 270 Win, 243 Win and 25-06 Rem is both plentiful and affordable. The ammo for those short magnums is the opposite (it costs more and is harder to find).

    Ballistically speaking, muzzle velocity and energy for the same bullets is...well...the same. A deer or antelope will not know the difference if it gets his with a 270 WSM or a 270 Weatherby Mag..

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    sounds like the good ole 7mm remington magnum will do what you need.

    Heck, a 270 winchester or 30-06 springfield will do all those fine too. Ask yourself, how many moose and elk do you realistically see yourself hunting in the next 10 years. If the answer is 10 or above, then get the 7mm remington magnum. If the answer is 10 to 3, then the 30-06 or 270 will be your answer. If realistically the answer is 3 or less, then the 270 or even the 25-06 or 6.5x55 or something like that is probably what you need

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    Heres my golden rule..... Stick with whats common..... Cartridge and rifle manufactures have this annoying habit of inventing a new caliber every other year... This makes no sense to me???? These new cartridges don't really offer any advantage over whats already out there..... All this new WSM and short mag stuff is a little unnecessary in my book...

    If your hunting deer size animals the .270, .308 or the 30-06 are just fine....

    If your hunting big animals like big bears, moose or larger elk then consider the regular .300 Winchester Mag....

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    According to the Winchester Product Ballistics Service Manuel for 2008 all three (3*) of them are recommended for what you want to hunt with it.* The ballistics are similar for all three (3*)... Pick the one you like the best.*....

    Source(s): Run like a Deer.*.........Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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