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Anton Chigurh vs. Michael Meyers?

Anton Chigurgh: Evil character in no country for old men. Wields a shotgun with a silencer attached to it and a cattle gun. Decides many of his victims fates by the flip of a coin.

Michael Meyers: Evil character in the Halloween movies. Murdered his sister at six years old and spent 15 years in a sanitarium. His main weapon is a large kitchen knife, but he has used wire to choke people, injected needles, hammers, and occasionally his bare hands to kill people.

Michael Meyers is on the loose and Anton Chigurh is paid a large sum of money to hunt him down and kill him. He tracks down Michael's to his boyhood home. Michael and Anton are about to face off. Anton has his shotgun and cattle gun. Michael has his kitchen knife, and choking wire. Who would kill the other first? Let's assume michael can die from a shotgun blast, but can recover at least one time to kill. He isnt invincible in other words.


i'll give full points awarded to someone who can give the most compelling argument for either anton or michael

Update 2:

cattle gun is the C02 tank

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    I think this would be more fair if you gave Chigurh his CO2 tank, rather than the long range weapon of a shotgun since Meyers would be dead before he even reached Anton.

    Anton's not stupid...he's not going to let Meyers sneak up on him, and he's not going to take chances leaving him alive. If Meyers is allowed one extra life, Anton would simply wait for him to get up and then shoot him down again. He doesn't exactly play fair...

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    None. Jack Bauer would kill them both

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