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Photo shop CS3 brushes?

where can i find that brush in the background of the text?


give links to that brush or ones that's similar to it.

don't tell me i can get it off of Deviant art. sending me the link would help more.

Update 2:

im not talking about the big gray thing behind the text. im talking about that swirl brush, like its something from a space galaxy.

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    Free brushes from They have a list of links to brush downloads

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    That brush stroke is created from a tablet, as it mimics a real life brush that you can push harder or softer on.

    You can also use 'Layer Style' or the FX button in the Layer area at the bottom to adjust brush strokes and give effects similar to that brush.

    Heres what a tablet is:

    Im actually in class right now taking a photoshop course, how perfect.

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    You should be able to download them from here. Save them to your brushes folder, and you're all set.

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