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kazakhstan? language, does anyone know?

what language do they speak in kazakhstan? does anyone know and online free text translator form english to that language?


i want to know what these words mean:




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    The majority speak Russian. What do you want to know?

    Source(s): I speak 5 languages, russian is one of them.
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    Yes, people in Kazakhstan speak Kazakh & Russian. I am pretty sure that most people in Kazakhstan are bilingual in both Kazakh & Russian. They might use Russian more in schools & in business.

    Kazakh is an Altaic language similar to languages like Uzbek and Tatar. It is an indigenous Central Asian language. Kazakh is completely different from Russian, which is an Indo-European Slavic language. Both languages use the Cyrillic alphabet, though.

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    Kazakhstan, is a country in Central Asia and Europe.

    Major languages: Kazakh, Russian.

    Try this:

    Translate eng into russian =P

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