How do I remove tarnish/rust from a high quality Chef's knife?

My sister bought me a hand-crafted Chef's knife in Japan. Unfortunately I don't know what metal it is made out of, only that it is from one of the top knife makers in Tokyo. It was mistakenly ran through the dishwasher, and now has all sorts of discoloration/splotches that look like tarnish; as well black/brown thin lines that look like it could be rust from when the water jets in the dishwasher sprayed it. What should I do???

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    Tooth paste (colgate) really works just rub it on an wipe it off but don't use a regular towel try a soft piece of paper towel . the more expensive one w/o Designs ! should work wonders its what i use to clean my jewelery

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Be very careful when handling knives, first of all.

    Running it under water, I would start off with a green scratch pad or the scratch part of a two-sided sponge. Failing that, try a nylon-bristled stiff scrub brush.

    Start with plastic and avoid metal if you can because metal might scratch the surface or remove any finish coating on the blade.

    Always be sure to brush TOWARD the blade so you don't slip and cut yourself or dull the blade. Don't scrub on the sharp edge of the blade itself.

    If water and a scrub brush, scratch pad, or scouring pad or steel wool won't do it, try a little oil (like WD 40) while lightly scrubbing it. It works on weapons. If you do use WD 40, be sure to run it through the dishwasher afterward, you wouldn't want that getting on your food.

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    first, have you tried to simply wash by hand? does this remove the marks? If not, try that first; I am sure you can always use very fine grain steel wool gently on it to see if that removes if washing doesn't remove the marks; what a shame! But I don't think that the "marks" will interfere with the way that the knife works only with it's looks; good luck!

  • joto
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    individually I save on with international knives. they are exceedingly high priced regardless of if that's the only kitchen knife i comprehend that may decrease with the aid of a bite of paper devoid of any resistance. there's some much extra high priced eastern producers that are much extra ideal yet international is fairly stable already. besides they are additionally the only kitchen knives i comprehend that are that properly balanced. you are able to truly stability the blade and cope with against one yet another on the top on your finger in simple terms like a throwing knife. in case you will purchase a sequence of knives perhaps fork out some extra advantageous quid for a knife block or a knife sack. descent knives prefer ideal storage no longer basically to be roughed around on your kitchen drawer.

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  • Boggy
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    Try one of the Mr Magic sponges - I have found they are perfect for this problem.

  • jeff w
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    1 decade ago

    Try contacting maker and tell them of problem.

    they may change it foc

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