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During this next patch, is the pirate job coming out? Yes or no? I have noticed the "pirate-looking" banner in the middle of the nexon page. Is this a sign that the pirate job is gunna come out? Give your reasons. =D

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    The path of the Pirate will probably one of the most popular in MapleStory. At their second job, Pirates have two options: Gunslinger or Infighter. Gunslingers are faster and ranged attackers, but their shots tend to be weak due to the lack of criticals that an Archer or Assassin has. Infighters are melee, close-ranged fist fighters who deal lots of damage and have high HP, but they must get extremely close to their enemies and thus tend to take a lot of damage. The third job is forced, depending on what has been already chosen: Valkyrie from Gunslinger and Buccaneer from Infighter. For the 4th job, Pirates have the choice of becoming either a Captain or a Viper.


    Very fast attackers, nearly as fast as Rogues.

    Interesting abilities, as well as getting a mob attack during first job.

    Gunslingers can hover in the air for a short period of time.

    In first job, pirates have a useful dash ability that can accelerate movement speed.

    In the Infighter job, the user has physical mob attacks.

    Infighters have more HP than Bandits and more MP than warriors.


    Gunslingers do low damage.

    A little bit difficult to get used to, very different than other jobs.

    The Float ability is not so useful if trying to get out.

    The pirate equipment is a little bit expensive for a beginner.

    Infighters lack the mobility of Bandits, and also must be closer to attack.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, it might... In the WZ files that you get when you download maplestory, from version 0.59 i think the pirate job has been in those files. They now just need a good date to release it ingame.

    To sum it up, the pirate job could have been out in v0.59 or v0.60, so yes, it might be release! I cant wait!!!!

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  • 4 years ago

    Maplestory pirate came out on september 30,2008 it has been out. Is their any 2d side scrolling online game besides maplestory,grandchase,latale,and ghost online

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