Are only republicans capable of lies and corruption?

When in a bog, do the flowers not smell something fowl?

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  • Desi
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    1 decade ago
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    Anyone of low moral character is capable of lies and corruption. Political affiliation has nothing to do with it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Republicans are boy scouts compared to the Democrats. Just look at how corrupt the Democrats are in Obama's hometown. "Since 1971, 27 Chicago aldermen have faced a variety of corruption charges, said University of Illinois at Chicago political science professor Dick Simpson."

    Below is a link to a pie chart that shows the breakdown for percentages of convicted Illinois government officials....most of whom were democrat. This is the type of politics that Obama will bring to the White House if he becomes president.

  • 1 decade ago

    Good question ... If the liberals would care to be HONEST ... they would know that either party is capable of of corruption (see Barney Frank / see Tom DeLay) and lies (see Barney Frank / George Bush).

    But ... some people live in a dream world were they can accuse and convict with no validity ....

  • 1 decade ago

    Definately not, it's a universal human trait, and is something politicians do all the time because they have to make people happy. It's sort of a weakness of democracy.

    That said, I think republicans are way better, or way worse, at it. I have noticed that they very often, in the spirit of Edward Bernais, intentionally misinform the public, in order to garner support. They do it constantly about their political opponents, they do it when it comes to religion and so on. Anything to garner support from a segment of the population which I am sad to say, are very poorly educated, that is, they may have specific education and professions, but their social and political IQ is pretty much in the toilet.

    Source(s): Professor of Media
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  • 1 decade ago

    Only about as much as democrats and liberals and conservatives. I see lies and corruption coming from sides, the life of politics right? Its all about the smear campaign.

  • 1 decade ago

    Naw. Anyone political is capable of being dirty. Sometimes you got to get down and dirty in the political world. I'm pretty sure that even my political heroes have done stuff they are not too proud of.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No they're not--but you'd think so to listen to their crooked corrupt

    evil anti-American main opposition.

    All government was looked upon askance and as nearly more dangerous

    than the benefits hoped to come of it by the creators of this nation,

    that's why they put so many hobbles on government--they probably

    ought to have put more. They almost put one as the original

    2nd Amendment which would have prohibited any congress from

    enjoying the fruits of any increase in the salary of

    congress they might pass into law.

    Even back then they knew what type of corruption we were

    likely going to be up against.+++ 9:00 cdt update: I will point out

    here that their original thought to limit one congress from gaining

    from their authorizing a pay-raise shows they had little thought

    of the professional politician we have now--they couldn't imagine

    a man taking so long from his only source of income and of increasing his wealth--his farm holdings, usually then. They expected

    men to do a term of service in the government like they'll typically

    do in the military. In fact, I can remember studying in school that

    the early colonies required (or some) members of the community to do stints as things like director of roads or building commissioner--

    it was something you sort of got drafted into, not something anyone

    ever aspired to become, because once-again, it was cutting in to

    their ability to provide for their family and their comfortable old age.

    They had no idea of the depth of the depravity we suffer from

    now, but they had the basic idea that it was a bad idea to let

    the government corrupt itself. Probably the argument for not

    including that provision then (more recently become law) is that

    it would be superfluous--nobody would be able to stick around

    to receive the raise they'd voted themselves because of the above


    It's good to remember no matter what our party preference that

    these people are running to be in the government, and if

    they are in the government we really have an adversarial

    relationship--or we must assume one.

    It seems to me the corruption of the repugnicans tends to be

    in favor of our own defense contract industries and essential

    strategic industries. The corruption we saw in the last

    demonrat admonistration involved things like

    suitcases full of cash contributions alleged to be individual

    legal cash contributions from individuals and small industries

    in the far east but which really turned out to be all from one

    single source--the crypto-commie industrialists of the PRC.

    During that period the domestic and high-quality foreign gun

    industries came under heavy attack from the last demonrat

    administration yet the chi-coms appeared to be free to ship

    as many container-loads of their cheap knock-off "thumb-hole"

    SKS assault rifles and tons of their crappy ammunition in here.

    There's a economic motive there, and that's plain enough, but

    what about other motives? Remember, these are commies folks,

    who are not supposed to be moved by profit-and-loss.

    Is it that they wanted a lessening of the quality of small-arms

    they'd be up against if they ever tried to colonize North America

    and their dirty-deeds-done-dirt-cheap sleeper in our highest

    office was helping them out with that little project?

    ++++And also let us not forget the extent to which William Jefferson

    Blythe was willing to sacrifice or risk sacrificing his own freedom and the lives of innocents in Texas when confronting individuals who had as a significant source of income for their religious cult the business of re-barreling civilian small-arms using the barrels gotten out of sold-for-scrap machine guns which had been rendered inoperable by torching their recievers. Once again, this is something which would keep high-quality/durable small-arms in the civilian population, not cheap made-to-fall-apart chi-com crap he was allowing to be imported by the container-load++++

    Well, I can't take the chance on another one. Bro'bama's advocates

    constantly emphasize the importance of what other societies

    want us to do and how we should worry about this until

    we get an ulcer.

    Doing so to the extent they advocate will inevitably give our nation

    an ulcer--a bleeding ulcer. I say give the rest of the world an ulcer

    worrying about what we think of them.

    So there are bogs and then there are BOGS.

    Bro'bama has an african-arab familial connection. The PRC is penetrating

    that market heavily and looking to gain exclusive access to it's rich natural resources in return.

    There is corruption more in our own national interests and corruption less in our own national interests, and it seems to me repugnican corrpution tends to be more in our own national interests, at least.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lies and corruption existed in the republicans deregulation policies.

  • 1 decade ago

    Anyone can be capable of lies. Have you ever told a lie? When you point one finger, guess what? You have 3 other fingers pointing back at yourself.

    That being said, what about your wonderful Obama???

    He's lieing about all his ties and associations, you might want to open up your eyes and look at the truth before you go around blaspheming other people.

    Obama won't even produce a birth certificate and other documents to show he is a US citizen, he produced a fake one and now has a lawsuit against him to produce these documents and he is fighting it. Hummm, I wonder what he has to hide, don't you?

    Some of Obama’s Friends and Partners:

    Black Panther Lawyer, college professor and fanatic racists Muslim Demagogue Khalid al Mansour (aka Donald Warren) He helped Obama get admitted to Harvard Law School.

    Syrian born real estate developer, slumlord and convicted briber Antion (Tony) Resko (Obama’s biggest campaign donor) Obama also represented slumlord as laywer.

    Journalist , poet, jazz critic, & Communist Party USA Member Frank Marshal Davis (Young Obama’s Beloved Mentor Frank)

    College Professor and Terrorist Bomber of the Pentagon and US Capital, Bill Ayers (He launched Obama’s first campaign in his living room & ran 2 non profit foundations with Obama) He elected Obama to give the foundations money to radicalize education. Obama did this for 5 years!

    Rev Wright – Obama went to his church for 20 years!

    Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan who is calling Obama the Messiah. Obama has not even spoke out against this so I guess he believes he is messiah too.

    Odinga the genocidal leader in Kenya who Obama campaigned for and used the same slogan of "change" and Yes we can" that he uses here. After Odinga lost the election Odinga’s supporters went on a rampage—burning Kikuyu homes and businesses, (“Ethnic Cleansing in Luoland” The Economist 2/7/2008) raping Kikuyu women, and murdering everyone in their path—including at least 50 Christian Kikuyu woman & children who had sought refuge in a church. They burned them alive.

    Acorn - He taught classes there, was their lawyer and recently donated $830K to them, and they are the ones who are creating all this voter fraud again! And they are behind the risky loans which caused our economic crisis.

    Fanny May and Freddy Mac - A review of Federal Election Commission records back to 1989 reveals Obama in his three complete years in the Senate is the second largest recipient of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae campaign contributions, behind only Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., the powerful chairman of the Senate banking committee.

    According to, from 1989 to 2008, Dodd received $165,400 in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac campaign contributions, including contributions from PACs and individuals, followed by Obama, who received $126,349 in such contributions since being elected to the Senate in 2004.

    In contrast, McCain warned of the coming mortgage crisis as he pressed in 2005 for regulatory reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    And Congress which is mostly Democrat stopped it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Richard Nixon anyone?

    Of course Republicans are the most corrupt bunch.

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