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Does Joe Biden Make a Good Point?

Joe Biden claimed " One man's fighting for you, one man is fighting mad." Is this, in fact, a very good point that he he is making?

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    No, he should have said something worse!

    Though his point is well taken. McCain has a history of having a temper and being angry, and it has come out several times, even during the debate!!

    Mitt Romney Details McCain's History of Anger Issues


    Earlier this year Mitt Romney sent out a memo detailing the top 10 instances of McCain's anger problem.

    Less than 48 hours after proclaiming he would never get personal with another Republican, Mitt Romney’s latest campaign missive focuses on the temper of Arizona Sen. John McCain.

    The Romney camp frames the memo as a top-10 list of McCain’s “attacks” on Republicans. It could also be called “10 instances over the last eight years when McCain got angry or lost his cool.”

    Oh, and the missive pays special attention to McCain’s use of four-letter words that are not H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

    1. Defending His Amnesty Bill, Sen. McCain Lost His Temper And Screamed, "**** You!" At Texas Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

    2. In 2000, Sen. McCain Ran An Attack Ad Comparing Then-Gov. George W. Bush To Bill Clinton.

    3. Sen. McCain Repeatedly Called Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) an "*******," Causing A Fellow GOP Senator To Say, "I Didn't Want This Guy Anywhere Near A Trigger."

    4. Sen. McCain Had A Heated Exchange With Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) And Called Him A "****ing Jerk."

    5. In 1995, Sen. McCain Had A "Scuffle" With 92-Year-Old Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) On The Senate Floor.

    6. Sen. McCain Accused Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Of the "Most Egregious Incident" Of Corruption He Had Seen In The Senate.

    7. Sen. McCain Attacked Christian Leaders And Republicans In A Blistering Speech During The 2000 Campaign.

    8. Sen. McCain Attacked Vice President Cheney.

    9. Celebrating His First Senate Election In 1986, Sen. McCain Screamed At And Harassed A Young Republican Volunteer.

    10. Sen. McCain "Publicly Abused" Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL).

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    Hell yeah! Obama is out knocking on doors literally with his sleeves up talking to the people.

    McCain is frothing at the mouth over how much this presidency is OWED to him because he's a "maverick" and POW

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    Isabella, Isabella what a lovely name, makes me feel a little like Columbus. Yes, Joe Biden makes a excellent point.

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    If Mr. Biden were referring to himself and Sen.Obama,dont you think he would have said 2 men.Or is he fighting for "us" and Sen. Obama is not or vise versa.Mabey he was referring to his friend John M. Makes you wonder!

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    Joe Biden always makes a good point. I wonder what tomorrow's good point will be......

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    Yes McCain is erratic and coming up with new drama every day.

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    Is that why Mccain is always grunting so hard so he can hold back the gas?

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    Obama would better serve the people if he was not elected

    Obama is only running for office to be the first of his kind

    I see a empty suit call in Obama and not a real good politician even

    John McCain is the better choice

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    yes it is a very good point dear for sure

    Source(s): yes it is a very good point for sure dear
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