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1. to be in order

2. to make sure

3. so that

4. to attract attention from

5. just as

6. to agree on

7. to have trouble + V-ing

8. to fill up


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    1. Is your printer in order? 你的印表機還能用吧?

    2. I'd like to make sure whether she still lives there.


    3. I get up early so that I won't miss the bus.

    我都早起, 這樣的話就不會錯過公車

    4. The teacher tried to attract attention from her students.


    5. I love you just as you are. 我就愛你原來的樣子

    6. We both agreed on that decision. 我們都同意那決定

    7. I have trouble sleeping so I usually take sleeping pills.

    因為我有睡眠的問題, 所以常吃助眠藥

    8. The waitress filled up my glass. 那女服務生幫我倒滿水

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