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可不可以幫我翻譯英文 謝謝 很急

Finally, even our words come from Rome! The English language

borrowed many, many words from Latin, the language of the Romans.

Can you figure out what English words come from these Latin words?

The frigidarium was the room where Roman bathers jumped into

very cold water. What word sounds like frigidarium and keeps things

cold? The refrigerator!

A Roman child lived in a familia with his mother, father,sisters,

and brothers. What is a familia? A gamily.

The Latin word for book was liber. What word sounds like liber

and is a place where boods are kept? A library.

In Latin, a ship is nauis. Do you know what word comes from

navis? It means "many ships that sail together." That's right─navy.

Have you ever written "P.S." at the end of a letter? If so, you've used

Latin words. "P.S." stands for the Latin words "post scriptum ," or

"after the writing." A "P.S." goes after the main writing of the letter.

In Rome, a floris was a beautiful plant that smelled good. Can you

think of a beautiful plant that smells good and sounds like floris? Our

word "flwer" comes from the Latin flors.

Even though the ancient Roman Empire is gone, we use the woreds,

inventions, and ideas of the Romans all the time. So, in a way, Rome

will never completely disappear. The gifrs that the Romans gave to us

are still with us today.




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    一個羅馬小孩和他爸爸媽媽和兄弟姐妹們住在一個familia。什麼是familia呢? 就是"家Family"的意思(你給的字是錯誤的,不是gamily(勇敢地)應該是family才對)


    拉丁文的船是navis. 你知道什麼字是從navis來的嗎?它的意思是很多船航行在一起。答對了!就是"海軍艦隊navy".

    你曾經在信的最後寫上"P.S."嗎?如果有的話,你已經用過拉丁文了!"P.S."代表拉丁文的"post scriptum"或者是"after the writing" 。"P.S."用在信的主要內容後面。




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