How should I change/improve my resume?

I'm about two years out of school and I've had two jobs in the last year and a half. I want to spruce up my resume to make it more attractive to employers and to market myself. What should I do or change. Personal information is taken out of course. This fits in about one page.



• Familiar and experienced with working in accordance to cGMP and GDP.

• Strong lab background, experienced with environment and equipment.

• Skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash, Adobe PageMaker and comparable programs.


Pharmaceutical Company

Quality Control Lab Technician (November 2007-October 2008)

• Worked in quality control for a major pharmaceutical company.

• Sampled and logged in hard goods and raw materials for lab analysis.

• Tested hard goods samples for conformance to specifications, including barcode verification, color matching, and FTIR testing.

• Tested raw material samples including FTIR analysis, identification testing, and thin layer chromatography.

• Tested finished product samples for inhalation devices, including leakage testing, suspension appearance and valve delivery.

• Prepared solutions for assays including HPLC mobile phase and pH testing.

• Revised and converted official worksheets for the lab control center. Designed a more efficient conversion method and trained others.

Cosmetic Company

Quality Assistant (Summer 2007, temporary placement)

• Operated mostly in the analytical lab involved in quality assurance of natural cosmetic products.

• Documented incoming rinse water samples. Determined water purity by testing for visual clarity and peracetic acid levels.

• Collected data on raw materials through FTIR analysis.

• Prepared product samples for HPLC analysis using wet chemistry procedures and centrifuge.

• Collected and analyzed data and organized trended information into visual presentations.

• Audited product batch reports to ensure accordance to Good Documentation Practices (GDP). Organized and indexed SOPs.

UNIVERSITY School of Biological Sciences

Research Assistant (Spring/Summer 2003)

• Involved in researching the parallel fiber length variations of rat cerebellum.

• Examined specimen slides under microscope to identify parallel fibers and determine and record fiber lengths.

• Traced light projected microscopic images to record fiber morphology.

UNIVERSITY School of Biological Sciences

Lab Assistant (Winter/Spring 2002)

• Ordered and set up of laboratory equipment and supplies, especially computer related equipment such scanners and printers.

• Cleaned and maintained laboratory equipment, worked with autoclave

• Labeled and organized chemical reagents and created a digital inventory



B.A. in Chemistry (2006)

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    I have been having the same problem trying to spruce up my resume. I was researching resume writing services but they are all so expensive. Anyway, one that I came across offered free evaluations. I sent mine in, and last night, they sent me a few helpful suggestions. I can't afford to pay the fee for the entire service, so I just made changes based on the free help they provided, lol. email them with your resume attached. good luck!

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    Well, you sound like a great job candidate to me, but I know nothing about science. I recommend scoping out craigslist for a professional resume writer.

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