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OK im thrown in such a dilema heree

tomarrow as a senior we have college day meaning no school

my best friends girlfriend wants to hang out with us tomarrow cause she has no where else to go and she doesnt wanna go home cause she still has to drop off her sister at 7 in the morning and she means the world to me ( as a friend lol)

oh and her BF ( my bestfriend) cant because his school is NOT having the senior thing while mine and his girls Are

and on the other hand

a reallllyyyy good friend of mine from a long time ago wants me to pick her up so we can.... F *** alll day long!

i was thinkin bout bringin her along but we will be all over each other all day and sally( best friends girlfriend) would be the 3rd wheel and i really dont wanna be doing things like that wen shes around anndd i dont want her to kno who im doing i like my biz on the low ;-)

and turning them down is soo hard on both sides

i really wanna have sex with my friend cause shes really fun doing it with

and i really wanna have sally over

the pleasure i get from both of them is equal but on 2 different levels...

i see sally daily but we dont get to hang out this long and shes alotta fun to be around

but with the other girl we rarely see each other but there might be a chance of us doing it again sooner.... but the key word is MIGHT and the last time was like a year ago

this is a perfect inner fight between body and mind....

please wtf am i suppose to do...

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    You're supposed to hang out with your friend because friends are more important than f* buddies. You already knew that.

    And trust me, I'm a big fan of f*ing.

    If you go with your f* buddy, you'll just feel really guilty afterward. Plus, it's not like it'll be your only chance to f*.

  • 4 years ago

    ok nicely relatively i believe the 1st remark this **** chum of yours is onlyy relatively chatting with you because of the fact your giving him intercourse. If he actual cares bout you and needs to be your bff then he does not basically throw you away like that and enable you recognize he will purely be acquaintances in case you adult men have intercourse. you do not deserve this form of a "buddy", and you may not do away with the "suited" guy the two. If that **** chum of yours says he would be your buddy till ultimately HE gets a gf or married thats basically directly up f*cked reason it won't rely even though in case you get a bf first or him he could understand which you have got here across the splendid guy and dont opt to cheat on him by using ******* your pretend *** chum. So subsequently, i say basically forget approximately this chum of yours and if issues dont workout recurring with that guy, its not the top of the international precise this chum doesnt relatively appear as if a real buddy if hes purely inquiring for intercourse.

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