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Any one here a Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan?

If you are a Dale Earnhardt Sr. or Dale Jr. fan feel free to respond to this question. I am wanting to talk to any dale fans that are out there. Also if you have any dale merchandise you wanna sell, hit me up.


If anyone wants to add me to their yahoo friends list they can....all you have to do is add my screen name dalejr88fan1972 to your friends list....feel free to email or chat with me anytime...

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    I am a huge Earnhdrdt fan. I even have a 2002 Monte Carlo with the Goodwrench decals!!

  • Sylvie
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    Simply put Always the man always a fan. I still can't watch images of the wreck without tearing up and leaving the room he was a hero to millions of people because he was a working class man who followed his dream and became a legend and legends never die. I believe the Daytona 500 should be called the Dale Earnhardt daytona 500 just because that was his track and nobody deserves it more, he did more for the sport than any other driver period. I hope that he is looking down on junior right now and telling him good job. I know that when junior made his announcement that Childress made it a point to do whatever he could to get an Earnhardt back in his car because DEI may have the Earnhardt name but Childress is still and always will be Home to the Earnhardt's

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    Yes I am a proud Dale Earnhardt fan all the way!! Now I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr fan and will continue to watch nascar as long as he is still racing.

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    Dale Earnhardt was and still is the Man. He was our Hero, w ill never forget him. A huge Dale Jr. fan too.

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    Honestly, my dad and I weren't Dale Sr. fans on the track (which I now feel bad about), but I had all the respect in the world for him and what he has done for the sport. RIP Dale Sr, you are missed by all.

    Yes, I am a fan of Dale Jr.

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    Fan of Dale since about 1989-1990.... Now I am a proud member of JR Nation. Atleast they(Dad & son) got to race each other in the Winston Cup before Dales untimely death.......... February 18th 2001 is a day I will never forget...

    ***RIP Dale-Thanks for keepin it real***

    Source(s): Hey Mr. Childress and NASCAR--- retire the #3 please.
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    Yes, I was a fan back from the beginning, even when he could not drive at all, and today I'm still a Dale Sr fan (R.I.P Dale Sr) I was a Dale Jr fan also way before his dad passed away..

    Go Dale Jr & HMS

  • beth
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    I am a Dale Earnhardt fan.

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    Dale Sr. fan right here. My favorite driver of all time and imo the BEST of all time ( next to The King ). R.I.P. Dale. I'm also a Dale Jr. fan! In fact, I actually have a Dale Jr. shirt on right now!

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    Always have been and always will be a Dale Earnhardt fan.He was the greatest driver to ever grace our sport.No one will ever come close to doing what he did for our sport.Dale represented the working-class men and women in our country.He worked hard on the track as well as off of it.Dale Earnhardt will forever burn in the memories of NASCAR and it's fans.R.I.P Dale Earnhardt.

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    Big fan of Sr's. Sad, sad day when he passed away.

    RIP Dale!!!!

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